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hIOTron Introduces a Smart Cold Chain System

2020-06-03 10:00:53 Technology


VIMAN NAGAR Pune, Maharashtra, July 3, 2019: hIOTron developed a Smart cold chain system where monitoring devices can provide managers with live data about temperature, location and reducing any problems along the chain before they arise.

Pharmaceutical materials such as blood or medicine must be kept refrigerated. While transporting such materials, we have to analyze the ambient temperature, location and the status of the container of transport in real-time. This is a hectic task too but hIOTron’s smart cold chain system makes it easy to achieve such tasks.

Temperature sensors can recognize the real-time ambient temperature and if the ambient temperature exceeds a specific point, the anomaly is reported to the remote monitoring center. The remote monitoring center can find out the location of these materials in real-time and on-site position sensors can frequently report their location.

Smart cold chain systems use 2G or 3G networks to transmit data of a transport case.
hIOTron’s wireless temperature monitoring solution provides a definitive and affordable way to ensure your coolers and freezers are working properly, possibly saving you thousands of dollars in unnecessary damage.

Smart Cold chain system features:

Real-Time Tracking:
It will track the location of various objects in real-time. View additional information about tracking objects such as speed, petrol consumption, travel history, etc.

Anomaly Detection:
Get immediate alerts about the exception of temperature or tracking objects. Know the status of temperature whether it goes up or down than the setpoint; get all notifications to your iPhone or other windows devices via email, SMS or mobile App.

It allows setting up geographic boundaries around a specific area. You will receive automated alerts when a particular object enters or leaves those specific boundaries.

What makes us different from others?

hIOTron’s Smart cold chain system-

• Reduce spoilage and waste by receiving real time alerts.
• It can monitor from anywhere as 24/7 access is provided via the internet.
• Real-time tracking of cooler temperature helps to manage the logistics chain.
• It gives an immediate alert which will help in preventive maintenance.

Arrangement of hIOTron Smart Cold Chain system in the distribution of long-distance food, pharmaceutical, and other perishable supply chains can, therefore, answer the management needs of many operators in the sector, with both economic and societal benefits.

To know more about Smart Cold Chain System:

About hIoTron:

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