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TAXILO Taxi Booking App Launches in Deoghar to Bolster Tourism Industry in Jharkhand

2024-05-26 03:47:21 Business


? Starting from Deoghar, the mobile app for booking taxis will be launched across the country in tier-2 and tier-3 cities.
? The mobile application has specifically been designed for small and mid-size towns of the country.

March 24th, 2021, Deoghar, Jharkhand --- With an objective to bring more convenience, safety and affordability in the personal transportation space in the lives of people living in small towns of the country, New Delhi based APTIDEA SOLUTIONS has designed the TAXILO mobile app. The app is first launched in the town of Deoghar in Jharkhand and will gradually reach other towns and cities throughout the nation.

The Founder of the company has decided to launch TAXILO in the holy town of Deoghar, at first. Moreover, Deoghar is a popular tourist spot and is famous for its Baidyanathdham shrine. The town sees an inflow of enormous number of tourists throughout the year. TAXILO will provide every tourist with a safe, convenient and affordable means of transportation.

Besides, the Deoghar town is expanding fast with the emergence of new industrial, educational, healthcare and other facilities in the surrounding localities. This stresses upon the need of personal transportation means that is secure and affordable for the everyday commuters.

TaxiLo will bring many types of conveniences for the locals of Deoghar as well as tourists coming to Babanagari. Some of the features of the mobile app he talks about, include:
? One can book cabs from the convenient of home using a smartphone
? Vehicles will be available 24 hours a day
? Standardized fares, no need to waste time in bargaining
? All types of vehicles available with affordable fares
? One can travel short distances, long distances and can travel to anywhere
? Verified drivers, well-maintained vehicles, no need to worry for the safety

TAXILO works as an aggregator and aims at creating a safe transportation environment for everyone in the town. The mobile app will be available on both Android and iOS platforms. One can simply download the app onto their smartphones for free and start using it for booking taxis for their smart and safe travel. Drivers and vehicle owners are also welcome to register with the Taxilo taxi service. However, drivers will be allowed in the network after a screening and verification process only. For further information and download the app, one can visit the website


TaxiLo is a mobile application for booking cabs through smartphones. The app has specifically designed to cater to the personal transportation needs of the people, living in the tier-2 and tier-3 cities of the country. The app allows booking taxis for short distances, long distances as well as outstation travels. The mobile application aims at offering a safe, affordable and convenient means of transportation.


Headquartered in New Delhi, AptIdea Solutions has business presence in 6 states of the country. The company boasts of a number of successfully running digital assets, including, and Besides Taxilo, the company?s upcoming projects include WorkAmplify, FPR event and Best Web Menu.

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