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TiDB by PingCAP Leads Data Management Revolution at Great International Developer Summit 2024

2024-06-18 10:58:16 Events / Trade Shows


Bengaluru, India, April 25, 2024 - The Great International Developer Summit 2024 (GIDS) which was held in Bengaluru from 23rd - 26th April 2024, was a dynamic showcase of India's robust developer community, drawing attention to its pivotal role in the global tech landscape. Sunny Bains, an esteemed figure in the MySQL community and a key database expert at TiDB, spearheaded a compelling session during the event, shedding light on TiDB's transformative impact on modern data management.

In his insightful address titled "Distributed SQL: How TiDB Modernized Data Management," Bains delved into the escalating challenges posed by increasingly large datasets, reaching hundreds of terabytes in today's digital age. He emphasized the indispensable role of databases in seamlessly scaling both vertically and horizontally, providing robust transactional guarantees critical for contemporary application development.

Bains illuminated TiDB's significance as a battle-tested, open-source, cost-effective distributed SQL DBMS, shaping the future of data management. He highlighted TiDB's seamless MySQL compatibility, exceptional handling of massive datasets, and superior distributed SQL architecture, showcasing its effectiveness in addressing the evolving needs of modern businesses.

Furthermore, Bains shed light on TiDB Serverless, a fully-managed, autonomous database-as-a-service (DBaaS) solution, designed to streamline database management tasks. TiDB Serverless offers developers reliable scalability, freeing them from manual tasks like sharding and providing time-saving features essential for efficient development workflows.
Bains shared his candid reflections on the event, stating, "Participating in GIDS was an eye-opening experience, witnessing the sheer talent and innovation within India's developer community. It was rewarding to discuss TiDB's pivotal role in addressing the pressing challenges of data scalability in today's digital era."

India boasts one of the world's largest developer ecosystems in the world, with developers contributing to its thriving tech industry. PingCAP recognizes the importance of empowering this vibrant community, offering innovative solutions like TiDB tailored to meet the specific needs of Indian businesses.
Aligned with India's ambitious Digital India initiative, aimed at fostering a digitally empowered society, PingCAP's initiatives are geared towards assisting Indian companies in fortifying their tech infrastructure. With TiDB's seamless scalability and robust capabilities, Indian enterprises can modernize their systems, unlock new avenues for innovation, and propel India towards digital excellence.

Bains emphasized TiDB's significance in this context, stating, "TiDB represents a paradigm shift in data management, offering unmatched scalability and reliability. By embracing TiDB, Indian companies can elevate their technological capabilities, drive innovation, and contribute to India's journey towards digital leadership."

With India's digital economy projected to reach $1 trillion in the near future, the country's digital transformation is gaining momentum. Technologies like TiDB play a pivotal role in accelerating this growth, enabling businesses to thrive in an increasingly digitized landscape.

About PingCAP

PingCAP is the creator of TiDB, the most advanced open source, distributed SQL database. TiDB powers modern applications with a streamlined tech stack, elastic scaling, real-time analytics, and continuous access to data—all in a single database. With these advanced capabilities, growing businesses can focus on the future instead of complex data infrastructure management. Some of the world's largest companies across e-commerce, retail, financial services, media, and gaming trust TiDB to handle their business-critical workloads. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, PingCAP is backed by Sequoia Capital, GGV Capital, Access Technology Ventures, Coatue Management and others.

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