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Chai Sutta Bar offers 9 Unique Tea Flavors at its Agra Outlet

2023-09-30 09:02:04 Lifestyle


India, September 18th, 2023 – Chai Sutta Bar, the iconic brand renowned for its diverse range of tea offerings, is making waves with its latest revelation: the Agra outlet offers a whopping 9 distinct tea flavors to delight its customers. Contrary to any misunderstandings, Chai Sutta Bar has always been about tea, not sutta (smoke) or bar. This expansion of the tea menu underscores the brand's commitment to delivering an exceptional tea experience for its patrons.

In addition to this exciting news, Chai Sutta Bar proudly announces its flourishing presence in the state of Uttar Pradesh, with a total of 61 outlets. The brand has ambitious plans to extend its footprint in the state, aiming to open nearly 100 outlets in the near future. This strategic growth strategy reflects the brand's unwavering dedication to providing quality tea in every corner of Uttar Pradesh.

Anubhav Dubey, CEO of Chai Sutta Bar, expressed his enthusiasm about the brand's success and expansion, stating, "At Chai Sutta Bar, our passion has always been to serve the finest tea blends, and we're thrilled to offer our customers in Agra 9 diverse tea flavors to choose from. Our rapid growth in Uttar Pradesh is a testament to the love and trust our customers have placed in us."

Mr. Sonu Singh, the proud franchise owner of Chai Sutta Bar's Agra outlet, shared his sentiments about the outlet's performance, saying, "Our Agra outlet has been running smoothly for the past 2 years, and I'm incredibly satisfied with the overwhelming response from the public. It's heartening to see the community embracing our tea offerings, and I look forward to continuing to serve them with excellence."

Chai Sutta Bar's commitment to innovation in tea flavors and its expansive growth plans in Uttar Pradesh demonstrate that the brand is more dedicated than ever to catering to the tea enthusiasts of Agra and beyond.

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