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Reach to Teach Foundation and Department of Education, Arunachal Pradesh partner to strengthen learning outcomes to better performance in Board Examinations

2024-06-18 05:16:58 Education


New Delhi, May 16, 2024: The Board Examination results for the CBSE was declared a couple of days ago and Arunachal Pradesh has witnessed a significant improvement in the number of children passing the Board Examinations in Classes X and XII this year as compared to performance in the previous academic year. The State's Class X percentage has increased from 39.71% in 2023 to 49.75% in 2024, marking a 10% increase. Similarly, the performance in Class XII has risen from 61.17% to 73.14%, which is a commendable 12% rise.

This is the outcome of the extensive collaboration between Reach to Teach Foundation and the Department of Education, Government of Arunachal Pradesh in rolling out and implementing the Comprehensive School Transformation Programme (CSTP) that covers Classes I to XII across all Government schools in the State. The CSTP has a specific Exams and Beyond toolkit that covers children from Class IX to XII. The toolkit's focus is entirely on improving performance in the Board Examinations through a combination of creating text books, learning outcome focused methodologies and extensive teacher support. The toolkit comprises of content creation and re-writing of textbooks interspersed with experiential and activity-based elements. These experiential elements are indexed to learning outcomes as defined by NCERT. To ensure that activities roll out in a standardized way across the entire State so that the learning outcomes are achieved, Reach to Teach Foundation has created detailed teacher Handbooks to support teachers to do this and created student Worksheets to create uniform understanding. Strategies have been devised in extensive consultation with teachers to provide emotional support to children as they prepare for examinations. To strengthen this end to end solutioning and ensure that desired outcomes are reached, there has been focused training of teachers and system officials linked to the implementation of the CSTP.

Reach to Teach Foundation trained 824 teachers from Secondary and Senior Secondary Government Schools of the State to enable a strong support system for children as they prepared for their Board Examinations. On our request, the State graciously agreed to the setting up of District Task Forces who were given training to review and monitor the Board Examination initiatives at the District level. A total of 88 officials were sensitised and trained on their roles and responsibilities along with the essential reporting tools.
Regarding the Class X and XII Board Exam results, Shri Amjad Tak, Commissioner (Education), Government of Arunachal Pradesh stated, "This marks a proud moment for Arunachal Pradesh. The State Cabinet set a goal and the students, teachers and education officials rose to the occasion to meet the same. I would like to commend the students for putting in the hard work, the teachers for guiding the students, and the District Task Forces who worked tirelessly to ensure the schools performed well. I would also like to acknowledge the Reach to Teach Foundation for their support to the Education Department through the development of the Exams and Beyond Toolkit and the training of teachers, as well as the District Task Forces. Their consistent collaboration with SCERT has been instrumental in the effective implementation of Board Exam initiatives across the State."

Ratna Viswanathan, Chair of the Board, Reach to Teach Foundation said, "The enthusiasm of all stakeholders at every level and the incredible buy-in by the State Education Department has been key to the performance of children in the Board Examinations this year. The State took us on as partners in the truest sense and together, we have co-created an inclusive space that has heard all voices before creating and curating a design that has worked. The Team at Reach to Teach Foundation has worked unflaggingly to deliver and will keep doing so. We look forward to a continued partnership and will keep working to ensure children learn joyfully and perform well."

About Reach to Teach Foundation

Reach to Teach Foundation was established in 2018 as a Section 8 Company under the Companies Act 2013. It works in partnership with the State Education Departments of Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya to strengthen learning outcomes by using various methods including creation of supporting collateral and teacher training linked to this. The effort is to work in close consultation with all stakeholders to co-create frameworks and tools that are easily adaptable and yet resilient. Reach to Teach Foundation considers strong and long-lasting partnerships as key to their work.

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