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Coresonant Announces Successful Delivery of 100MW PVID RFID Tags for MNRE Compliance

2021-11-28 02:58:44 Environment


Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, May 19, 2012 -- Coresonant Systems Pvt. Ltd. announces successful delivery of 100MW worth of PVID RFID tags to solar manufacturers and EPC companies across India. This is being seen as company’s efforts to help manufacturers to identify and keeping records of the solar modules and maintain efficiency and a high-quality product accomplishment.

Coresonant maintains that Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Govt. of India under its Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) guidelines has kept RFID tagging of solar panels a mandatory criteria and that their ready to use RFID system is perfect for warehouses, offices or at the manufacturing units. With the successful delivery of 100MW worth of PVID RFID tags, the company is vocal of its achievements and aspires to attain more milestones in the coming years, meeting the MNRE compliance.

Rama Krishna, the Director of Coresonant reveals, “RFID tagging of solar panels, which is mandatory under the JNNSM scheme of MNRE, aims to achieve 20 Giga Watt of on-grid solar capacity by 2022. We are confident of assisting a significant number of companies in PVID RFID tagging in pan-India locations in the coming years. Our PVID RFID system is low-cost standalone but a comprehensive and intuitive method to achieve RFID tagging, fulfilling the MNRE compliance.”

In India, the Government has put a significant emphasis on developing solar energy technology and it’s an integral part of the adopted National Action Plan on climate change. This national mission focuses on optimizing the potential of India’s solar generation power in an attempt to maintain nation’s long-term energy security and RFID tagging of solar panels is a right step in this direction. Today, Coresonant is offering services to the likes of Titan Energy, L&T, Solar Semi, Webel Solar and others. More and more companies are approaching Coresonant for their RFID tagging needs.

The company senses an emerging need ofsolar panel tagging, with view of MNRE compliance requirements and thus gears up to extend its services to a large number of solar panel and photo-voltaic cell manufacturers that have been continuously endeavoring to address the Nation’s energy crisis. In this regard, Coresonant shows its commitment to offer the best suite of RFID system that contains an intuitive PVID software and database, making the entire process hassle-free and nearly automated. No high-end technological knowledge is required in order to use the system and accomplish the desired tagging goal.

“We have been getting queries from the different parts of the country. We have prepared a large team of experts and professionals to offer on-site ready-to-fix RFID tags in various locations. With our concentrated efforts, we are ready to extend our support to all organizations intended to meet the compliance of JNNSM guidelines for solar panel tagging”, establishes S. Ujwala Head- Operations of Coresonant.

While India is inching towards its energy security with its renewable energy development missions, the services and commitment of Coresonant Systems Pvt. Ltd. can be seen as the efforts in the right direction to upgrade the nation’s energy scenario in the long-run.

About Coresonant

Coresonant Systems is a technology company at the intersection of physical and digital world. The company has been remarkable in conceiving, designing, developing, and marketing products and solutions that seamlessly connect physical to digital world so as to effectively address the client’s critical business needs. Coresonant is an innovative technology company with expertise across various domains spanning RFID, Smart Cards, Biometrics, NFC, Barcodes, GPS, CCTV, and more automation technologies involving the union of hardware, software, firmware, and connectivity.

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