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This Earth Day, Fairmont Jaipur stands at the forefront of sustainable hospitality.

2024-05-25 01:37:12 Environment


22nd April 2024, National: As the world gears up to celebrate Earth Day, Fairmont Jaipur, the flagship luxury property of the hotel chain in India, stands at the forefront of sustainable hospitality. The hotel is not just a sanctuary of luxury but also a beacon of environmental stewardship. With an unwavering commitment to sustainability, Fairmont Jaipur has woven conscious practices into every aspect of its operations, setting a new standard for eco-friendly hospitality.

Fairmont Jaipur is committed to reducing food wastage and maintaining sustainable practices in its hospitality operations. Alongside rigorous food safety protocols, we employ Orbisk's innovative image-capturing technology to streamline food wastage calculations. This technology helps them significantly diminish food waste, gain cost insights, and ensure efficient resource management. The kitchen operates on a "first in, first out" inventory system to use ingredients efficiently and minimize spoilage. Through meticulous portion control enabled by Orbisk, plate waste has been reduced by 30%. Our dedication to sustainability also includes responsible sourcing, prioritizing seasonal and local ingredients to further decrease the carbon footprint.

Moreover, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond just reducing food waste. The hotel boasts an on-site Organic Waste Converter (OWC) machine, which efficiently transforms biodegradable food waste into nutrient-rich manure. This resource is then utilized in our hotel's vegetable and herb garden, fostering sustainable agriculture practices and preserving soil quality. By integrating Orbisk with our OWC machine, we create a holistic approach to waste management, further enhancing our environmental stewardship while maintaining the highest standards of culinary innovation.

The sustainable practices reflect its vision of preserving Earth's natural resources, empowering local communities, and driving
positive change in the hospitality industry. Through initiatives like 'Vocal for Local,' the hotel supports education and employment opportunities for locals, promoting regional hospitality, handicrafts, and traditions. Events like "Shaam-e-Khaas" feature performances by artists from Bikaner and Jaisalmer, enriching the ambiance with folk music and Rajasthani dance. Furthermore, the hotel showcases the creations of local artists and craftspeople, contributing to economic growth and cultural preservation.

"Celebrating Earth Day is not just about one day of action; it's about embodying sustainability every day in everything we
do. At Fairmont Jaipur, we are committed to weaving conscious practices into every aspect of our operations, setting a new standard for eco-friendly hospitality. Our dedication to sustainability stems from our belief that every action, no matter how small, has the power to make a difference." stated Rajat Sethi, General Manager, Fairmont Jaipur

Taking a significant step towards reducing pollution, the hotel has introduced paperless check-in and check-out along with providing 100% biodegradable in-room amenities, such as wooden keys, soap dispensers, combs, toothbrushes, refillable bottles, sugar sachets, and stirrers. Through a partnership with Boon, a Water Tech startup, Fairmont Jaipur has embraced a circular economy approach for glass water, resulting in a significant reduction of 1,460 kgs of plastic bottle waste annually. The hotel's 'Soap for Hope' program recycles and repurposes hand-wash soaps from guest rooms to benefit underprivileged communities.

Fairmont Jaipur champions sustainability by incorporating used coffee grounds into their herb garden compost, reducing waste and nurturing flavourful herbs for the dishes. This initiative exemplifies the hotel's commitment to environmental responsibility and farm-to-table freshness. Moreover, the hotel has implemented sustainable practices such as banning overfished species, utilizing free-range eggs, employing eco-friendly cleaning products, offering ecologically conscious welcome gifts, utilizing wooden magnetic key cards, and providing 5EV charging stations for electric cars.

Water Conservation is a core value for Fairmont Jaipur in its environmental efforts. In guest rooms, where water usage is highest, we have implemented low flow features like aerators, showerheads, and toilets, reducing water consumption by up to 30%. Beyond guest accommodations, we've replaced water-intensive landscapes with native plants, installed rainwater harvesting pits, and recycle 70% of wastewater through a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).

As Earth Day dawns upon us, Fairmont Jaipur's commitment to sustainability serves as a reminder that every action, no matter
how small, has the power to make a difference. By embracing a holistic approach to environmental and social responsibility, Fairmont Jaipur is not just celebrating Earth Day; it is embodying its spirit every day, inspiring others to join the journey towards a more sustainable and equitable world.

About Fairmont Jaipur

Fairmont Jaipur is an ode to the pink city with its awe-inspiring architecture and decor, inspired by the Mughal dynasty and Royal Rajputs of yore. Nestled amidst the majestic Aravalli hills, with elegantly appointed 245 rooms and suites, it reflects a perfect blend of traditional Rajasthani décor and modern amenities. Zoya, the bright and vibrant all-day dining outlet, Anjum, the central tea lounge, which is home to signature Fairmont tea culture, Zarin, the spectacular Pan-Asian restaurant and Aza, the colonial library bar serving a range of aperitifs and cocktails, form the food and beverage offerings of Fairmont Jaipur. Along with this, the expansive pillarless ballroom and complementary lawns and meeting rooms make it an ideal place to host social events, meetings and conferences. Fairmont Jaipur, a pinnacle of hospitality, proudly holds accolades such as MICE Conference Expo and Awards.

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