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IILM honours future business leaders and change agents at its MBA convocation ceremony 2023

2023-11-27 11:07:50 Education


Gurugram, July 22, 2023: Realising the exceptional achievements of its graduating MBA batch, IILM University, a distinguished institution dedicated to nurturing leaders and future change agents, proudly commemorated its MBA convocation ceremony 2023.

The expansive ceremony witnessed the presence of distinguished guests, eminent industry figures, respected faculty members, proud parents, and excited students who came together to celebrate the remarkable achievements of the graduating class.

The ceremony was also graced by the esteemed presence of Shri Deepak Bagla, Managing Director and CEO of Invest India, As the chief guest, Shri Bagla delivered an enlightening convocation address, inspiring the graduates with his profound insights and ample experience. His words echoed deeply with the audience, leaving a lasting impression on the future business leaders of IILM University.

\'\'You are now at a critical inflection point in your life, a moment of transformation and boundless opportunities. Embrace the stories of the future, for they hold the key to your success. As you step into the world, carrying the burden of shaping the future, know that you are the architects of a rising superpower. The next 9000 days will define the destiny of India and each one of you plays a vital role in this journey. Embrace this moment with purpose and wisdom, for the world awaits your brilliance on its grand stage,\'\' said Mr Deepak Bagla.

Adding to the event\'s grandeur, Shri Rajeev Aggarwal, Senior Vice President at Deloitte, embellished the occasion as the esteemed Guest of Honor and Keynote Speaker for the convocation. Shri Aggarwal\'s impressive career trajectory and outstanding wisdom furnished valuable guidance to the graduating batch, empowering them to navigate the ever-evolving business landscape with resilience and uncompromising ethical values.

\"Today, we celebrate your academic achievements and recognize the transformations you\'ve undergone. Embrace adaptability and resilience in the corporate world, for they will guide you through post-pandemic challenges and opportunities. As you step into the future, remember that your potential knows no bounds, and you have the power to shape a remarkable path ahead,\'\' said Mr Rajeev Aggarwal.

Sharing her delight and congratulating the budding managers, Dr Sujata Shahi, Vice Chancellor, IILM University, Gurugram, stated,\'\' Dear Graduates, as you step into a world of uncertainties and rapid changes, remember that you are well-prepared with a strong foundation from IILM. Embrace your dreams fearlessly, for success may not always come easy, but failures will lead you to greater achievements. Be responsible global citizens, using your knowledge and skills to make a positive impact on the world. Believe in yourselves, stay focused, and remain humble as you embark on a journey of endless possibilities. Congratulations, Class of 2023.\'\'

Highlighting the commitment of IILM University in nurturing an industry ready force, Prof Arvind Chaturvedi, Director, School of Management, IILM University, Gurugram, said,\'\' Today marks a special day, as these 118 graduates step into their first career assignments with the knowledge and skills we\'ve imparted. Our commitment to adaptability and industry relevance ensures they are well-equipped for the corporate world. Proud of our illustrious faculty, strong alumni network, and industry collaboration, we nurture a talent pool that thrives in the face of challenges. Together, we pave the way for job-ready management graduates and uphold a tradition of excellence.\'\'

Echoing her views, Dr Charu Bansal, Dean and Associate Professor, IILM University, Gurugram, said \'\'As we stand at the threshold of the real world, I urge my beloved students, to remember the ABCs of life: Assertiveness, Behavior, and Change. Embrace your uniqueness, stay ethical and disciplined, and welcome the constant flow of change. With unwavering commitment and innovative thinking, you are unstoppable in achieving your dreams. Fly high and make your Alma Mater proud. Congratulations and best wishes for a fulfilling journey ahead.\'\'

In addition, the event celebrated the impressive academic performances of the meritorious students who consistently exhibited unparalleled dedication and excellence throughout the course.

In this regard, Dr Kulwant Rai Gold Medal in Academics and co-curricular Activities was awarded to Rimjhim Agarwal,recognising her exceptional dedication and achievements in both academic and extracurricular pursuits. Additionally, Zoya Parasher received the prestigious Dr Kulwant Rai Gold Medal in Academic Excellence, acknowledging her outstanding academic achievements.

Dev Pratap Singh was honoured with the esteemed Dr Kulwant Rai Silver Certificate in Academics and co-curricular Activities, while Tanisha Gupta received the Dr Kulwant Rai Silver Certificate in Academic Excellence, showcasing their commendable performances in academics and overall excellence. Shubhi Agrawal on the other hand was bestowed with the esteemed Dr Kulwant Rai Bronze Certificate in Academics and co-curricular Activities, celebrating her efforts in both academic pursuits and co-curricular engagements.

The convocation ceremony celebrated the success of 118 students from the Gurugram campus, 54 students from the Lodhi Road campus, and 51 students from the Greater Noida campus, showcasing the diverse talent fostered by IILM University.

The ceremony underlined IILM\'s commitment to fostering business trailblazers via a comprehensive and experiential education approach. The highly skilled faculty at IILM has assumed a crucial role in moulding the students into versatile and accomplished professionals to flourish in their preferred domains.

About IILM

The IILM Educational group was founded by Ram Krishnan and Sons Charitable Trust in 1993. With more than 28 years of experience in training future entrepreneurs and leaders, it has emerged as one of the distinguished Universities in Delhi NCR. The University has been set up under The Haryana Private Universities (Amendment) Act, 2018 (Haryana Act No. 10 of 2018). It is located in Sector 53 Gurugram, with a built-up area of over 1.5 lac sq feet known for its state-of-the-art facilities.

The educational group has another campus in Greater Noida that was recognised as University on June 3, 2022, under the Uttar Pradesh Private University (Amendment) Act 2022, which focuses on fields such as Computer Science and Engineering, Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. It is located at 16-18 Knowledge Park II Greater Noida, with a built-up area of over 26 acres.

IILM Institute for Higher Education was established in 1993 and is located in Delhi. The insitute is approved by the AICTE and is accredited by NBA (National Board of Accreditation), and the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). IILM Institute For Higher Education offers PGDM programme in different specialisations. Below are the major highlights of IILM Institute for Higher Education.

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