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Altitude's Atmospheric Water Generators to Make Second Splash Across Tennessee as Solution for Pure Drinking Water

2024-06-12 10:56:02 Environment


Tennessee: Altitude Water Atmospheric Water Generators are coming again to show you their quiet, clean, low carbon emissions solution to ensuring you'll always have clean water for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Altitude Water provides a cost-effective, sustainable infrastructure solutions for farmers, workers and visitors as well as surrounding communities and has been at Amy Grants Hidden Trace Farms for many years and heading back again as they host, a Christ-centered camp that strives to facilitate Christ-centered relationships between individuals from diverse racial, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds.

When: April 29th-May 1 Jeff and Alvaro DaSilva (our purification specialist)will be in Nashville delivering T-12 machines as well as at Amy Grants Farm to upgrade the storage and capabilities as the Farm is hosting a retreat on May 5th and preparing for Camp beginning in June. We will also be showcasing our newest product the PSS10565A which uses our ozone water purification technology to purify the sulphur and well water on the farm. Our goals is to not have people taking showers while smelling the rotten egg smell that sulphur water transmits.:

The team at Altitude Water, headquartered in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, has been manufacturing devices called Atmospheric Water Generators for the last 15 years, which extract clean, fresh water from the air. Unlike many brands, which create water through a process called reverse osmosis/UV purification; Altitude Water's products use a unique ozone purification that is also self-cleaning.

About Jeff Szur:

Jeff Szur, Chief Operations Officer, Altitude Water, a leading manufacturer and installer of several types of Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG's) from residential and light commercial machines to heavy duty military-grade machines that produce water anytime, anywhere. Szur is widely respected for his vast knowledge and skill in creating pure water in which he has decades of experience.

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