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Henry Harvin Launches French Language Course in Hyderabad

2023-12-01 08:12:39 Education


With the world becoming more globalised, the advantages of learning a foreign language are increasing. Learning a new language is all about knowing effective means to communicate and establish connections with others. Therefore, knowing a second language now is more necessary than ever. Most importantly, speaking French has many benefits since it is one of the most widely used languages in the world.

Like many other European languages, French also descended from Latin; thus, it has a lot in common with them. As a result, knowing French makes learning other European languages simple. In addition, most global businesses use French as their working language; therefore, speaking French will help one engage in international business. Hence, there is a positive impact on their career. To understand more benefits of this stunning language, one must take a French language course in Hyderabad.

French language course in Hyderabad
Hyderabad, the city of pearls, is one of the largest cities in southern India. It is known as the principal hub for technology industries, educational and research institutes. Therefore, you can find plenty of institutes that offer French language courses in Hyderabad. However, Henry Harvin would be an ideal choice since this academy was exclusively initiated to provide skill development programs. Moreover, Henry Harvin French language course is ranked no: 1 by the educational world. Therefore, it is one of the best institutes to take a French Language course in Hyderabad.

Henry Harvin:
It is a leading online learning platform established in 2013 to provide training and advisory services. To date, Henry Harvin has trained more than 4,60,000 individuals through their skill development programs. Through their world-class content and resources, they hope to alter the growth of individuals as well as organisations. Moreover, Henry Harvin received many accolades such as the best corporate training platform, the no: 1 online learning provider and many more.

Henry Harvin’s French Language course in Hyderabad:

Their course curriculum is set up to provide French language proficiency levels ranging from beginner to advanced. The instructors at Henry Harvin, who have a combined 15+ years of experience in the field, will prepare you to ace tests like the DELF, DALF, DILF, AND DCL&TCF. In order to assist you to land your dream job, they also provide career support along with training.

Course Structure:

A1: The Beginner's Level: Learn the basics of French Grammer and Vocabulary

A2: The Upper Beginners Level: Master basic expressions that facilitate communication.

B1: The Intermediate Level: Perfect your speaking, writing, and reading abilities to help you construct French phrases.

B2: The Upper Intermediate Level: Learn hard texts and French dialects at this level to craft extended presentations in the language.

C1: The Advanced Level: At this level, you can understand complicated texts and their underlying meaning. Consequently, you have fluid speech.

C2: The Proficiency Level: You can summarise both written and spoken knowledge at this level because you can essentially understand everything.

Course Specifics:
The primary goal of their course curriculum is to increase your fluency in French by covering subjects, lexis, and grammatical ideas. Projects, internships, hackathons, gold membership, and other features are among the extras offered by Henry Harvin's distinctive 9-in-1 training module. They value practical education; therefore they facilitate real-world training projects during training. The most significant thing is that you can access their E-learning portal at any time to get course materials and recorded class videos. Furthermore, their post-training internship programme also guarantees practical learning. Their masterclass workshops, which are a part of their 9-in-1 programme, include soft-skill training to hone interview skills.

Learning Outcomes:
After finishing the course, you'll be able to confidently start talking regarding the past, present, and future in addition to expressing your feelings, and opinions and framing sentences. Above all, you will develop the confidence you need to master the interviews and difficult tests. Therefore, Henry Harvin is one of the greatest institutions to take the Frech language course in Hyderabad.

Career Guidance and Job Support:
You can submit a job application through their distinctive job platform. Their placement support team offers individualised assistance to help you land your ideal career because they believe in making educated people employable. They also cooperate with more than 2100 employers, including start-ups and product companies that hire their students.

Other Language Courses at Henry Harvin:
Along with the French language course in Hyderabad, they also provide training in Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean and many more languages.

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