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Alvarado Hospital Enhances Emergency Room Experience with Online Appointment Scheduling

2023-04-01 04:50:18 Health and Fitness


Alvarado Hospital is offering members of the community an enhanced emergency room experience, furthering its mission to provide the very best care to communities, where and when they need it.

Alvarado Hospital’s emergency department now offers technology called “GetCareNow,” which allows patients to reserve an appointment, via the Alvarado Hospital website, to be seen in the ER. Patients fill out a brief, secure form, and no username or password is required. The tool can notify the patient if there is a change that may extend the patient’s wait, or a notification will be sent if patient can arrive to the ER sooner.
The easy-to-use tool provides added convenience for those with non-life-threatening emergent needs. Priority is given to patients who reserve an appointment through GetCareNow over “walk-in” patients with similar symptoms.

“Our priority is to provide patients an exceptional experience, and that includes the ability for patients to schedule an appointment online and wait safely at home,” said Benjamin Kilian, MD, Emergency Services Medical Director at Alvarado. “We know life is busy, and our team of caregivers in the emergency room is honored to ease the stress involved in these situations. We always strive to deliver the very best care.”

Importantly, GetCareNow is only for non-life or limb-threatening emergencies. If you are experiencing chest pain, trouble breathing or symptoms of a stroke, call 911 immediately.
GetCareNow is a feature of the newly designed Alvarado Hospital website. The new website offers a modernized web presence and supports the digital patient journey across the care setting. With “Action Buttons” featured on every page, patients can easily find a doctor, schedule appointments, contact us, and get directions. In addition, there are customized menus for patients, providers, job seekers, and visitors. Platform capabilities include a 24/7 chatbot, patient prep instructions, patient e-registration, secure messaging, post-visit virtual check-ins, and patient feedback and reviews. Some of these functions will roll out now, and others in the near future. All of these functions serve to improve communication, care coordination, and the experience for patients, physicians, and staff.

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