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Literacy India and Teleperformance unite for the 'Ode to Earth' event, supporting Pathshala 2.0

2024-06-18 05:37:44 Events / Trade Shows


A non-profit committed to providing quality education and empowerment in underprivileged communities, Literacy India, in partnership with Teleperformance India, a leading provider of digital integrated business services organized the "Ode to Earth" event on April 25, 2024, to support the Pathshala 2.0 project, a holistic education program aimed at providing comprehensive education to children from marginalized communities.

The event served as a platform to raise awareness about environmental conservation while showcasing the achievements and talents of students participating in the Pathshala 2.0 project. Students from various centers showcased their projects and artwork inspired by nature, highlighting their commitment to sustainability. The day featured interactive workshops on topics like recycling, conservation, and pollution reduction, with a special focus on issues relevant to the eastern region of India, including Jharkhand and West Bengal.

Highlights from Eastern Region Centers:

· Salkia, Kolkata: Anchal Prajapati delivered a captivating presentation on the importance of rivers in an urban environment, sparking discussions on protecting waterways in the region.

· Chingrighata, Kolkata: Anjali and Shijoini conducted an engaging interview-style presentation, raising awareness about air pollution and its impact on Kolkata's residents.

· Jharna, Jharkhand: Anjali Kumari presented on the crucial topic of forest conservation, highlighting its importance for the ecological balance in Jharkhand.

Capt. Indraani Singh, Ex-AirIndia Captain,Founder,Literacy India, reflected on the significance of the "Ode to Earth" event, "In my thirty years of community work in India, this event represents our strong commitment. It promotes environmental awareness and inspires change. Each year, it grows into a beautiful celebration of our planet, bringing people together to protect our Earth. "

Sanghamitra Chanda, Project Director,Eastern Region ,said, "We are thrilled with the enthusiastic participation of the young students in the Ode to Earth event. This event was a great initiative that not only fostered environmental awareness but also brought together like-minded students from our community programs."

The "Ode to Earth" event served as a shining example of the transformative power of education, showcasing how initiatives like Pathshala 2.0 contribute to building a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

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