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Atlantic Technological University offers over 600 higher education programmes

2022-06-26 04:25:58 Education


India, 31st May, 2022: To provide greater learning opportunities, a multi-campus university was formed in Ireland by bringing together three legacy institutions, Galway Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT), Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT) and IT Sligo under Atlantic Technological University. This amalgamation will provide greater learning opportunities for Indian students across a number of key areas such as academic strength, global opportunities, as well as research and innovation.

The Atlantic Technological University (ATU) will serve over 21,000 students and offer more than 600 higher education courses through 8 campuses, research centres and iHubs located in the west and north-west of Ireland. In addition to world-class education, ATU will also provide Indian students the opportunity to significantly contribute to the cultural and academic framework of the university.

Enthusiastic about more Indian students expected at campus post the merger, Jill Murphy from the International Office at ATU Donegal stated, “We have really enjoyed getting to know our Indian students over recent years as they joined our campuses. They have shared their love of their culture with us, and we have celebrated Diwali & Holi and other great events on campus with them. You never know if there is going to be an Indian dance party or a ceili when you walk through the door. The ATU Indian Society is an active & welcoming society that has brought Indian culture to the North West of Ireland.”

ATU has a very vibrant, embedded and engaged Indian student body, both on the campuses and within local communities. Current students are excited about graduating from one of Ireland's largest Technological Universities and feel it will enhance their marketability in the jobs market. Elaborating on how the amalgamation will create an impact, Barry O’Driscoll, Regional Manager - India & South Asia, Education in Ireland, said: “The formation of ATU represents an exciting new option in world class education for students in Ireland and internationally.”

As per current students, this move will stimulate talent growth and provide vibrant career development opportunities for Indian students by solidifying and strengthening economic and academic partnerships with the local and global tech sectors. Ireland is the world’s second-largest exporter of computer and information technology services. Nine out of the top 10 global software companies have a strong foothold in Ireland. Global leaders such as Intel, HP, IBM, Microsoft, and Apply have long-established operations in Ireland, along with newer leading-edge giants such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, PayPal, eBay and Twitter. A majority of Indian students at ATU, therefore, are studying STEM related programmes, and Indian graduates from these programmes are securing high level professional employment on completion of their studies, including many in Ireland either utilising the Stay Back option (1G) or by securing a work permit with the support of their new employer. Mr. O’Driscoll further added, “The industry ready courses at technological universities like ATU will ensure that graduates, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level, are well placed to avail of career opportunities in Ireland and globally and can transition smoothly into the workplace.”

ATU offers new courses that are unique and internationally relevant, demonstrating industry-readiness and innovation in fields ranging from modern digital accounting to international medical technologies. The programmes also have an embedded work-placement opportunities as the key USP since it has been the decision-making factor for Indians.

About Atlantic Technological University

Atlantic Technological University (ATU) is one of the largest multi-campus universities in Ireland, serving a diverse group of learners, staff, communities, and organisations from the region. Our collaborative approach ensures that we deliver practice-orientated study, and research that seeks to address the major challenges facing society and the world. As a northern and western multi-campus technological university, we are dedicated to enabling sustainable economic, social, and cultural development.

About Education in Ireland

Education in Ireland is the national brand of Enterprise Ireland, which is responsible for the promotion of Irish Higher Education Institutions overseas under the authority of the Minister for Education and Skills.

Ireland’s higher education institutes offer an extensive range of over 5000 programmes that result in an internationally recognised degree and quality assured qualifications. Irish Higher education institutions are ranked amongst the best in the world and universities in Ireland rank amongst the top 5% world-wide. Ireland provides the benefits of an English-speaking education in a country that is the centre of Europe’s culture and economy. With a variety of scholarships, grants and bursaries, as well as career opportunities, Ireland is a sound and reliable option for international students.

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