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Legend Physiotherapy Shares Five Things You Should Know About K-Laser Therapy

2021-12-05 07:36:31 Health and Fitness


Abbotsford, B.C- Legend Physiotherapy is happy to share five interesting facts about K-laser therapy. The K-laser treatments at our physiotherapy clinic aim at managing pain and inflammation while creating an optimal healing environment along with the regeneration of tissues. Book your appointment with us today to make the most of our K-laser physiotherapy treatments.
Five Facts About K-Laser Therapy
K-laser therapy is a laser therapy that stimulates different types of cells such as ligaments, tissues, nerves and cartilages. Our physiotherapists in Abbotsford have been using laser therapy for more than three years and hence are well-adept at this treatment. Here are five crucial facts about K-laser therapy:
1. Reduces pain and inflammation
Prescribed medications are usually harmful. They cause some or the other side effects or pain. K-laser therapy on the other hand reduces pain and inflammation without any side effects. It also provides you with relief that tends to last for a long time. According to research, high-power laser therapy can heal chronic low back pain in % of cases.
2. Finds application in acute and chronic conditions
The therapy is the most effective when you can administer it as soon as you have been injured. The more delay you do, the longer the injury takes to heal. The K-laser therapy lets your body begin the healing process and restores normal functioning in the body.
3. Customizable treatments
K-laser therapy is highly versatile just like Canada as a whole. Physiotherapists hence have the flexibility to customize their treatment plans according to your requirements. they can prepare a plan that’s perfectly suitable for you.
4. Relaxes you
K-laser therapy is somewhat like a massage. Thus, you may feel a little pain at the beginning of the therapy. But, gradually the pain fades away and all you can feel is relaxation. Though it depends on the laser, this treatment can provide a soothing effect.
5. Shows results quickly
We all want a speedy recovery. And that is where K-laser comes into play. The treatments take about – minutes for implementation depending on the acuteness and depth of the condition. Most are able to resume their normal life activities after the completion of therapy.
You can make the most of all these benefits with our assistance at Legend Physiotherapy. Give us a call or visit our website for more information about our services.

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