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TMB Mailing Now Part Of KPM Group, Continues Mission To Help Brands Through Direct Mail and Other Services

2021-11-26 01:36:03 Business


Bringing along its more than 25 years of experience, TMB Mailing is now part of print production, mailing, and publishing company KPM Group. As a leading mailing house in Surrey, TMB is on a mission to help even more brands with their direct mail, personalisation, and other related needs.

While the move is expected to bring long-term growth for both parties, the ultimate beneficiary is their wide-ranging roster of clients. TMB and KPM offer an array of innovative services that help businesses and organisations deliver content to the right audiences in a highly cost-effective manner.

KPM's Nigel Copp shared the vision of the company to expand and grow through acquisitions. The addition of TMB Mailing fits the five-year plan of the group and will help expand its services and offerings. Such a move will provide stability during uncertain times.

Flexible Direct Mail

High-quality direct mail delivers significant return on investment (ROI). With the help of a reputable mailing house Surrey like TMB Mailing and KPM, businesses can avail of direct mail services tailored to their needs. They accommodate all types of prints, including leaflets and flyers, brochures, catalogues, and promotional items.

They add value in each step of the process, from the formatting and designing to the optimisation of postal costs. Whether your mailing need is relatively simple or on the more complicated side, they deliver the same level of expertise and work quality from start to finish.

Automated and Manual Mail Fulfillment

Every business has different mail fulfilment requirements. Some require low-volume prints to be inserted on a branded envelope or to be incorporated in a bespoke assembly. Others may need to produce thousands of digital print mail packs.

Outsourcing such fulfilment services from a reputable mailing house Surrey is the key to eliminating costly inefficiencies. TMB Mailing and KPM have the facility and the manpower to cater to each of their clients’ unique automated and manual mail fulfillment demands.

Professional Business and Transactional Mail

TMB Mailing and KPM also assist various entities in improving their customer relations. Through their business and transactional mail solutions, businesses — both big and small — can now automate the way they communicate with a customer who has a purchase or account-related enquiry.

From data management to personalisation and postage optimisation, their solutions comprehensively cover all the essential elements of a successful transactional mail.

UK and International Postal Services

TMB Mailing and KPM work with a huge network of postal suppliers in the UK. Their goal is to help clients deliver mails to their respective recipients at the most competitive rate possible. They do so by using in-house programmes to support data sortation and management.

They also accept overseas projects and help businesses avoid delays that are costly and damaging to their brand.

Reach Your Audience The Cost-Effective Way

As TMB Mailing, a premier mailing house in Surrey, joins KPM Group, more businesses now have easy access to cost-effective mailing solutions. If you need professional assistance with direct mail, transactional mail, or mail fulfilment, reach them out at 01322 663328 or

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