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Mumbai LSA of the DoT organised Online Awareness Workshop on EMF Radiation

2022-08-10 06:10:35 Events / Trade Shows


Mumbai, March 24, 2021: The Mumbai LSA, DoT organized an online EMF workshop together with Telecom Service Providers (TSPs), Infrastructure Providers (IPs), COAI, Tower & Infrastructure Providers Association (TAIPA) and local authorities. Continuing with its public advocacy programme, the session was organized by DoT to dispel myths on the ill effects of mobile tower radiations.

The Session was welcomed by Smt Sivakamy Rajagopalan, DDG (Administration) and attended by Residential Welfare Associations (RWAs) and Cooperative Housing Societies besides government officials, doctors, students, and the public.

Inaugurating the workshop, Shri Nizamul Haq, Sr. Deputy Director General, DoT stated “awareness is of utmost importance in driving away the myths pertaining to mobile radiations due to misinformation about radiation from Mobile towers from some quarters”.

As part of his presentation on EMF radiation, Shri Hemant Borale, Director (Compliance) mentioned that “there is a general apprehension among the people whenever mobile towers are situated in their vicinity and on the other hand there is a constant demand for good coverage. Therefore, it becomes imperative to address the fear of the people and reassure them that their fears are unfounded.”

Dr. Vivek Tandon, Neurosurgeon from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), shared his valuable views on the mobile tower radiations and offered convincing explanations to erase misconceptions regarding the same. He also clarified that there is no proven scientific / medical evidence of any adverse health effects on human / animal life from such low power non-ionizing radiation from cell towers.

Citizens need not worry about the adverse effect of mobile tower EMF radiation as they are been strictly monitored and evidence from credible sources have repeatedly ruled out the possibility of any impending health hazards emanating from EMF radiations. The Government of India follows 10 times more stringent norms than what has been prescribed by ICNIRP and recommended by WHO.

The DoT also maintains a strict vigil on the radiation from mobile towers. Before commissioning of mobile Base Transceiver Station (BTS), the mobile operators must certify that the radiation from the towers accommodating their BTSs are within the limits prescribed by the Department of Telecommunications. The cell tower radiations are therefore, not only non-ionizing but also of very low power levels. Further, field offices of Department of Telecommunications randomly test mobile tower radiations as per the norms prescribed by DoT.

During Q&A session, the panellists led by Shri C. P. Samant, DDG (Compliance) responded that Network Connectivity is authoritative for a connected future and a healthy infrastructure will support the advancement of many technologies, which in turn would enhance the way we all live and work. The panel discussion closed with a vote of thanks by Shri M. K. Jain, Director (Administration), Mumbai LSA.

The level of exposure near a cell phone tower typically is many times lower than the exposure from using a cell phone. DoT and Telecom Operators are fully committed and equipped to ensure compliance of guidelines. These guidelines are designed to safeguard the concerns of citizens on EMF exposure norms are adhered as to safeguard our beloved citizens.

Additionally, the general public can also examine the radiation status of the towers in their vicinity by visiting the Tarang Sanchar Portal ( Citizens can request to have radiation levels tested at any spot by DoT officers through online payment of prescribed fee through this portal. If any case of excessive radiation is encountered on testing due to public demand or suo-moto tests of the Department of Telecommunications, such offending BTSs attract a heavy penalty up-to Rs 20 Lakhs. In Mumbai License Service Area, Department of Telecommunications has tested 22278 BTSs so far.

Mobile radiation check: Type *#07# on mobile to check mobile-specific absorption rate (SAR). The SAR value, which is the radiation emitted by a cellphone, will have to be displayed on mobile handsets. The 1.6 watts/kg averaged over a mass of 1 gram human tissue are only permitted to be manufactured or imported in India for the domestic market.

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