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Kaminea. Launched the Sustainability Interview Project for Its New Contents

2022-07-04 06:50:49 Environment

917 released a new sustainable content project. This project will interview sustainability experts from all over the world for sharing their expertise.

A sustainability product or movement is an important thing that modern people need today, especially with the current condition., a famous blog that provides information and articles related to sustainability topics, has announced that it will release the sustainability interview. It will be the post that consists of the interview result with the expert on this topic. The experts that will be interviewed come from different disciplines. The staff from this blog will actively interview these experts. However, this blog also opens an opportunity for all experts who want to share their knowledge and insight about related-topic.

According to Matt, one of the interviewers from, “I want to share information and perspective of many experts from all over the world about sustainability. Therefore, I would like to get in contact with them. By interviewing experts from the UK, India, Africa, South America, and other places in the world. It will be a better way to share the information. I will send the experts that are willing to share their knowledge with a set of sustainability interview questions, whose answers will become a reference for our post in the future. Furthermore, the other purpose of this interview is to promote these experts' work and products in the sustainability industry. And, the goal of this interview is to make our world become a better place in the future.” provides free information about many topics related to sustainability. It covers fashion, green cities, lifestyle, and many more. People can study and understand more about this topic in this blog. Moreover, this blog also opens a chance for people who also want to write an article about sustainability to post their writing for free.  

The environmental sustainability interview will become a new addition and the main content of this blog. However, this blog will also keep the previous practice, which is posting the user's contents for free along with the expert interview result. It is all for creating a place where people can learn about sustainable living and how to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle.

About is a blog that focuses on providing content related to the environment and sustainable concept and lifestyle. The main purpose of this blog is to promote sustainable cities and communities for modern people.

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