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Trucking, Transit and Cars Thank ECOFuelMax for working to Reduce Pollution

2022-07-02 04:45:42 Environment


Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, May 04, 2020., - Over the last few years Municipalities that are concerned about Carbon Pollution have installed the ECOFUELMAX Pollution Solution on their Coach Buses. A very Smart Business move saving $3000+ per year.. No Chemicals No Maintenance a onetime expense $395.00 it can last 20+ years. By reducing a diesel motors Diesel Regeneration Cycles (REGENS) and Carbon Particulates +/- 70% thousands of dollars have been saved annually per vehicle as well as thousands of pounds of Carbon. Vehicles experience Less DPF filter Cleanings ($350) Replacements ($2300) Maintenance Downtime and Fuel consumption. Tens of thousands of diesel Coach Buses and School Buses are proof that it works just ask references available.

Independent Truckers and Trucking – Hauling Companies are amazed at the ECO's results. Initially a majority of ECOFuelMax users had their doubts. In less than one month the cost is recovered. Less dark smoke in older diesel motors and those without DPF filters. Those that check their ECM saw a considerable increase in hours between Regeneration Cycles (+/-70%). Goes to show less Carbon less Pollution equals less REGENS. ROI 10-20 days Guaranteed No Risk.

Passenger vehicles a gasoline vehicle can reduce the release of Hydrocarbons and reduce fuel consumption as well. Example Chrysler 300 Before City 15.6 MPG After ECO installation City 19.5 MPG Before Highway 20 MPG After ECO installation Highway 24 MPG. The ECOFueMax solution works on all motors its easy to install with No Warranty issues. It only treats fuel no motor modifications. Go Online for ECOFuelMax reports.

The time to act is NOW. The unfortunate restrictions people have been experiencing may be an awakening to demonstrate the need to be proactive to reducing Pollution. By utilizing a Government approved Testing Laboratories Certified results the Consumer or Government office can reduce operation/maintenance expenses and Pollution. NASA Homeland Security and the US Army all use it. Save money by reducing Carbon Pollution.

ECO Fuel Systems LLC and its principals have been dedicated to reducing Pollution and increasing efficiency since 1999. Anyone interested in helping or is interested in learning more or taking a No Risk test call or go online Spread the word. GO GREEN – Burn Clean

About ECO Fuel Max Systems

ECO Fuel Max Systems associates and engineers have been manufacturing and marketing Fuel saving devices since 1999. Like others having aftermarket product doubts we tested and to this day still use the ECOFuelMaximizer Enhancer. We joined forces as a Direct Fleet Wholesale Warehouse Distributor. The ECO Fuel Max Systems biggest customers are schools and government agencies. They are educated and very particular in their requirements. ECO Fuel Systems is proud to supply them with their technologies. Lucky for us it's an easy sell. It is our desire to help the public, government and the local municipalities improve the quality of the air we breathe while reducing the amount of fuel consumed. It is time for us to be proactive and make every effort to reduce Pollution and the excessive use of our resources. If you are interested in setting up a demonstration contact us, or give us a call, let's talk about it.

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