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Ajit Mohan and Evan Spiegel sharing their experiences on the changing dynamics of Technology at India Today Conclave 2020

2021-10-13 02:42:14 Events / Trade Shows


New Delhi, March 2020: Over the past few years, India Today Conclave - India’s most iconic thought leadership platform, has hosted speakers from across the fields. This year the prominent technology experts Ajit Mohan and Evan Spiegel are coming for the 19th Edition, to be held on 13th and 14th March 2020 at Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi. The theme for Conclave 2020 is @MercuryRising

Technology has evolved with time and has now become an integral part of the society. The giants of social media platform Facebook and Snapchat have moulded their technology around our way of life creating and filling need-gaps in our social interaction. Our dependability on these medium for our social lives is changing the very way we perceive the society. The Co-Founder& CEO, Snap. Inc - Evan Spiegelwill highlight ‘How the camera is shaping the future of human interactions’ and the Vice –President and MD of Facebook India-Ajit Mohanwill share his opinion on ‘Connective Tissue: Accelerating a digitally powered society’

India Today Conclave, 2020, will join the dots in every sphere. Meet a wide range of top politicians, thinkers, economists, analysts, sports stars and artists who will deliberate and debate the conclave theme of #MercuryRising in their respective fields. They will come together to calm, challenge and clarify.

With trade wars, drone attacks, wild fires, climate change, war threats, sliding economies, divisive elections, and rising inequity, none of the old ways of thinking hold good. The past is no longer a guide to the future. Both India and the world need bold, informed, passionate new thinking.

Be a part of this leadership conference, that is defined by its quality of content and be a part of its transformational energy.

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