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Announcing the all-new Shoton Stamp for Camera and Gallery

2019-11-19 02:59:54 Technology


Surat, India – July 12, 2019: One of the fastest-growing IT companies of Surat, Greencom Ebizz Infotech has built another application name Shot On Stamps: Custom ShotOn Stamp on Photos

'Shot On Stamp: Custom ShotOn Stamp on Photos' facilitate the users to include a watermark on a photo by including "Shoton" and "Shot by" watermark tag on the photograph they caught from the application's custom camera or to the photographs they have already saved in the album.

Custom ShotOn Stamp benefits:

Benefits of using Shoton Stamp application:

Securing the photos of users, they can put a watermark on the photo they have captured from the camera. For Freelance Photographers, by utilizing the "Shot by" tag, individuals over the globe will know about their photography abilities by adding watermarked photographs.
It's efficient, user-friendly, fast and simple.
ShotOn app provides an option to change phone model name and signature text with the number of stylish fonts and color.
With Shot On Stamp Application, users can include brand names regardless of whether they are not utilizing that specific brand smartphone.

These are the few examples where the utilization of the Shot On Stamps can be actualized.

About Custom ShotOn Stamp interface:

ShotOn Custom Camera:

With the application's own shot on camera, users can easily capture photos with a custom camera. It's extremely simple to use and also, it will conserve their time. Extra ordinary photos will get captured from the app’s custom camera and stamp will be added directly from the app itself.

ShotOn Gallery:

Users can add a watermark on the photo from their astounding gallery photos. Shot on and Shot by watermark will be added directly to the photos they select from their gallery photos.

Other exciting features include:

Protect your copyright by adding your own logo to your images,
Editable Shot On and Shot By Tag for Text Signature,
Change ShotOn Tag Stamp Size & Stamp Position,
Font Size can be customized,
Ample Colors to Customize Text and Logo.
Adjustable logo position on the Left or on Top in context to ‘Shot On’ & ‘Shot By’ Custom stamps.

Greencom Ebizz Infotech is notable for running different applications on Play Store effectively. Among them, Shot On Stamps: Custom ShotOn Stamp on Photos and Moment Stamp, with a relative concept for various brands, are showing some great results.

Company :-EbizzInfotech


Mobile:- 919033028887

Url :-


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