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Local Electrical Firm Proud to be Part of Burleigh Beachfront Pavilion Revamp

2020-12-07 01:40:15 Home and Family


Local Electrical Firm Proud to be Part of Burleigh Beachfront Pavilion Revamp

It may only be November, but local electrician, EJ Barnes, cant wait for December to arrive. Thats when the [revamped Burleigh Pavilion] will fully open its doors to the public. But its not just a matter of Barnes looking forward to a cold beer and the view from the expanded second floor dining area - for him, it will be a personal triumph.

The Pavilions renovation has been a hugely ambitious project with a price tag thats widely reported to be in the region of $9 million. Barness business, [EJ Electrical Works](, won a tender for necessary electrical upgrades, and hes had an insider view of the process from the time the project started.

I would have been saddened if the iconic facade had changed too much, he says, but the developers have done a wonderful job of preserving the original appearance of the building despite all the changes. Although not all renovations are real improvements, this one certainly is.

EJs business isnt a large one, but he says that landing this project and successfully completing it, will be the ultimate proof of his businesss capacity. Weve always worked to be highly professional, he says, but were not what youd call a big business. Now, all the world can see that when we say what were capable of, we arent exaggerating.

Of course, its not the first time that EJ Electrical has taken on ambitious projects, but few could be as high-profile as this one. Weve done work at malls, shopping centres, clinics, office buildings, and more, says EJ but this project takes the cake. Its the kind of thing you want to tell everyone about, and when you do, they think you might be telling a tall tale!

One of the things that EJ likes most about the Burleigh Pavilion renovation is the plans its owners have for the upper-floor restaurant. It will be an impressive space that can accommodate up to 600 patrons, and a top chef will be in charge of the cuisine.

But May Hotels, the developers behind the project, say theyre looking at a reasonably priced, casual venue where beach goers can relax in casual wear and enjoy the view over the ocean. Its a landmark, and its going to be even better than it was before, says Barnes. Im looking forward to being able to tell my mates I was a part of making it possible.

So, if youre passing by the Burleigh Pavilion at sundowner-time this December, you might want to look out for the EJ Electrical Works vans parked outside, because if they are, EJ and his team might just be there for a cold one at the end of the working day.

If, on the other hand, youd prefer a more traditional approach to meeting up with your electricians, just visit the [EJ Electrical Works]( or [Coastline Local Electricians]( websites, or call EJs team on 1300-DIAL-EJ, thats 1300 342 535. We do big construction projects, says EJ, but were just as happy to help people with their home electrical work. The service remains the same.

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