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SaferUnion is Introducing its all new torque wrench tool that provides a PRE-SET torque value to connections

2021-10-17 02:01:55 Environment


November 17, 2017: R&H Machine LLC, the company producing SaferUnionTM has proudly announced that it is introducing its all new product SaferUnionTM Torque Wrench. The company has developed this torque wrench to compliment the benefits of SaferUnionTM Nuts. Moreover, the SaferUnionTM Torque Wrench enables users to provide a pre-defined torque value to the most demanding temporary flowline connections.

“We have designed the SaferUnionTM Torque Wrench with the end-user in mind and it has been developed with precision to solve the problems with either under-tightening or over-tightening the connection which may lead to the serious problems.” Said the spokesperson of SaferUnionTM, while talking about the new torque wrench. “The most used applications for the SaferUnionTM torque wrench is the connections close to BOP (blow-out preventer), frack works and it can be used in several other applications.” he added. According to the spokesperson, users can also check the connection during the frack jobs with this useful tool to ensure that connections is tight.

For processes such as the service temporary flowlines including fracturing, stimulation, cementing and process and pipelines operations, users from around the world can use this proven tool. Moreover, it can also be used at the drilling and service rigs locations, fracturing equipment; custody metering systems, production facilities and several other industrial applications. SaferUnionTM products are the collaborative result of dozens of user-manufacturer prototype trials, in controlled shop environments and several field tests, conducted over the last two years.

In addition, SaferUnion team has been constantly working on developing practical tools that can help field crews fasten and disassemble unions anywhere, without sacrificing speed or wasting precious rig-up time. Moreover, this torque wrench, nuts and all the other products by SaferUnion team are designed to promote safety of the workers above everything else. All of these products are entirely made in the US by R&H Machine and the company has earned a great reputation in the industry for more than 25 years.

Company Name: R & H Machine , LLC
Contact Person: Rae Burrows
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Phone: 903 753 1550
Address: 2694 S. Access Rd. Longview, TX 75602

Company :-R & H Machine, LLC

User :- Rae Burrows


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