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AAA Tree Experts Inc, pledge to preserve the strength, beauty & longevity of trees by a deep root nourishment process called “Deep Root Fertilization.”

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Deforestation, global warming & increasing environmental issues make it an alarming situation for us humans to be more responsible and do our part in preserving the trees we are left with and plant new ones for a greener and secure future of the earth. AAA Tree Experts Inc. strongly believe in the statement made above & highly recommends deep root fertilization for trees in yards & public spaces.

November 07, 2017 Charlotte NC: As tree care experts in Charlotte NC, AAA Tree Experts Inc. after research and expertise in the field of arboriculture, believes that healthy roots are one of the most essential elements related to tree growth & nourishment.

Based on the current scenario, with limited root space availability & poor soil quality, trees planted in urban spaces require deep root fertilization to facilitate proper growth, strength & longevity.

Deep root fertilization basically is a process where a pipe is inserted into the soil about 8 to 12 inches deep and then with pressure, fertilizers are released in the ground. Doing this helps nourish roots directly, making the tree stronger thus preserving the strength, beauty, and longevity of trees.This introduction of fertilizers in the soil provides trees & shrubs a necessary dosage of nutrients. Deep root fertilization can also be used to revive the lawn making the turf stronger & beautiful.

Well! Not every tree or tree species is the same; hence it varies in requirements. AAA Tree Experts Inc, strictly follows a protocol and goes about inspecting the tree first and then decides the combination of fertilizers to be used. They are also very specific with their seasonal calendar to make the most out of the fertilization session.

The team at AAA Tree Experts Inc, are very careful about every move & have passion towards tree care. So, when you observe that your yard or the neighborhood trees don’t look their best, we suggest you get in touch with AAA Tree Experts to examine the damages & other complications to revive the trees. AAA Tree Experts can be reached at (704) 366–1134 or you can schedule an appointment online with an expert arborist from AAA Tree Experts Inc.

About AA Tree Experts Inc:
AAA Trees Experts Inc, founded by Wayne Neal, is not a lone tree care company but a complete organization with a team of trained tree lovers who love their job and are completely passionate about the wellbeing of trees. Based on the knowledge & experience, they are aware about how to scientifically manage a tree and keep its beauty, strength & longevity intact for a long time.

For a complete package of tree care services, consult AAA Tree Experts Inc. You can also reach them by visiting the following website:

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