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OBU’S RESEARCH On Gig Economy Helps Small Businesses Compete

2019-08-17 07:33:01 Education


Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU) researchers in the Paul Dickinson College of Business reveal research about the gig economy that can help small businesses to grow.
SHAWNEEE, OK, January 27, 2019 – Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU) Paul Dickinson College of Business recently released research on the gig economy that can help small businesses to grow. This research evaluated the importance of the freelance market, utilizing popular websites like This research was a collaborative effort between faculty and graduate students.

Dr. Daryl D. Green and Dr. Jack McCann are both established scholars. Dr. Green is an assistant professor at OBU while Dr. McCann serves as associate professor of business and marketing at Union College (KY). Dr. Green is a resident of Oklahoma City. The other authors who contributed significantly to the research are Nancy Lopez, Samuel Ouattara, and Thao Vu; these individuals are current MBA students at the Oklahoma Baptist University. For more information about the research, visit:

In this scholarly research, OBU faculty and students provide insight into the gig economy, explores a website called, and share how others, such as small businesses, can operate in the gig economy. Freelance websites like offer small businesses an infusion of global talent. Most Americans are familiar with Uber and Airbnb in the freelance industry. However, there are lots of more businesses. Fiverr is one of the leading freelance websites where buyers can purchase a service or product for a gig ($5). Fiverr allows freelancers from anywhere in the world to connect. Fiverr users offer services, such as graphic design and programming.

With more than 3 million services on, finding the right freelancers is a difficult task. There are many inferior or poor-quality products and services. Buyers need to beware. Dr. Green, who coordinated this study, argues the significance of this research for small businesses: “Most small businesses are trying to grow with limited resources. Buying services with the fractural of cost and efficiency could help many businesses. This research can be very beneficial to today’s small businesses by leveraging the power of the gig economy to secure great freelance talent to maximize their performance. Because we are a small university, we can take what we have learned and tailor it to small businesses.”

In summary, this OBU research result is significant because the conclusions better assist scholars and practitioners on how to better utilize freelance services like found in the gig economy.

If you want more information about this research or want assistance with your organization, please contact Dr. Daryl Green at 405-585-4414 (

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