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Emotional support animal letter now entitles patients to keep pets.

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It has been reported recently that in the United States one in four grown up adults is experiencing mental health problems and even emotional problems. The conditions have been reported to be highly debilitating and it reduces the individual’s overall performance and productivity which includes different aspects of life like professionals, family, romance, health, etc.

There is a marked increase in the need of emotional support animal letter. This is a letter given by a licensed therapist or even a mental health professional which states that the given patient needs an animal as a form of emotional support system. This requires the given patient to be considered as emotionally disabled by the therapist. All letters are to be given only inappropriate formatting and should include the letter head of the given health provider. The right form of letters typically should name the patient’s mental health care provider. In addition to this, the given individuals should be currently under the care of a registered mental health treatment centre or institute. Such centres function to alleviate any form of serious mental disorders from the patients. All mental disorders that will qualify for any kind of emotional support animal should be included in the given Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. The version is to be put at 4 or 5 (DSM IV or V). The emotional or mental issues should be such that it precludes at the least of one major incident in their life time. This is really important to make sure that other people do not take advantage of the situation in their lives. When it is prescribed by a licensed therapist, it is said that emotional support animal treatment becomes a very important part of living life and moving on from their scared past that haunts the individuals in different ways. To get more information visit is a leading website which stands as the country’s first and largest referral network for emotional support animal. The company has been in business for over 5 years. It is now offering great discounts.

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