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My Pet Store Is Now Offering The Most Secure & Comfortable Home For Pets

2019-08-20 06:18:43 Home and Family


Singapore, 19th December 2016: Pet grooming isn’t a matter of joke. Most of the time pets don’t like if someone else other than their owner touches them or do the grooming. So a pet groomer is the best choose in this scenario. My Pet Store ensures top class services for pets. General grooming includes cutting hair and grooming the nails, brushing their teeth, bathing them with utmost care. This service provider provides all high-class services for different types of pets. And for different animals even for different breed different kind of services are available.  

Different kinds of pets are prone to different allergic reactions and ailments. And most of the time the cause of these diseases is unhygienic sleeping area and absence of irregular maintenance. To save them from suffering from ailments or any other health related issues a properly reputed groomer is always inevitable. Good quality pet boarding Singapore is very rare. This pet salon cum service provider has ensured top class pet boarding Singapore for owners who always find it hard to find a proper place to keep their pets.

My Pet Store not only ensures quality grooming service for pets but also provide other pet boarding facility and pet taxi. Pet boarding is inevitable for pets in case of their owners are going out of town. This salon and caregiver ensure that pets are comfortable and happy while staying with The Pet Store.

This service provider offers utmost comfort so that they feel at home. This service provider ensures a comfortable stay for pets by providing clean and a relaxing environment, where they get sufficient care, food, and joy. For different breeds, this provider offers a wide range of choices. So that pets get a secure and comfortable home while the owners are out of the town.

This service provider is one of the best in class dog boarding Singapore which has specialized arrangement for dogs and ensure total safety and comfort of your pet.  Reputed and satisfactory dog boarding Singapore is very rare in Singapore.

About My Pet Store
At, My Pet Store a wide range of facilities is available for different pets. When owners leave their pets under the specialized care of this service provider, this service ensures utmost proficiency and 100% satisfaction of the owners.This service provider also provides top class transportation facility, Pet Taxi for pets.  For more information, please visit

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My Pet Store
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Unit 33/34 Farmart Centre
Singapore 699008
Phone and Fax: +65 81154811
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