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Olight Releases One of the Best Throw Flashlight - M3XS-UT

2019-08-20 04:56:48 Business


Olight has released a thrower light - M3XS-UT (or M3XS in short) based on the existing model of M3X, which inherits a large head with relatively slim body. With a throw of 1000 meters, it is the by far the ultra thrower of Olight flashlights family - with SR96 giving the same range, but a bulker body and higher cost.

M3XS-UT adopts the method of de-doming in manufacturing - removing the silicon dome over the emitter and replacing it with a thin coating, which many enthusiasts would like to do to increase the throw right after opening the package. De-doming has a desired result of greater intensity, though producing a smaller hotspot and larger, dimmer spill. However, it has a fairly focused hotspot even at hundreds of yards away. In turn, to cater for the market need, Olight bagan doing these modifications in the factory on newly designed models called Javelot - javelin in French.

Olight runs on 3x CR123A batteries and 2x18650 batteries. In the package of M3XS an extender is included to accommodate the need for higher power consumption.

Compared to the typical cool white tint of M3X, M3XS-UT gives a bit warmer tint. As can be found in other de-domed flashlights, this model gives a tint close to yellow-green, with the color temperature somewhere between 4000K to 5000K. Though some flashlight users may prefer cooler tints, lights with warmer tints perform better in penetrating mist and fog.

A thrower like this is not designed for general use. Users with needs of reaching out to long distances, such as hunters, boaters, police and rescue teams may like this model. Property owners with large areas to look after may also find this long range light useful.

This model also boasts an overall incredible build quality. As shown by some YouTube videos carrying out cruel tests for Olight flashlights, this model is highly resistant to scratch, shock, intensely high and low temperature, plus IPX 8 waterproof standards. With a smooth and evenly annodized body, and cool fins on the e-switch area to help finding the switch in the dark, this flashlight has incorporated ergonomics into its design.

Again, Olight provides high-quality plastic case and generous accessories to match this high-end product. This package comes with spare o-rings, a battery magazine to properly put in CR123As , an extension tube, and a holster.

M3XS-UT is available on and also on Amazon US, Canada, France and Japan.

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