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Unique Anti-virus Product Packaging in Pandemic

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Most consumers are constantly worried about transmission of the virus from packaging of e-commerce deliveries and more and have to keep disinfecting the cartons, boxes that arrive from outdoors. But Shycocan, the makers of the world’s only virus attenuation device that disables the Coronavirus and Influenza virus families in enclosed spaces with 99.9%* efficacy indoors as proven in multiple lab tests also comes with an anti-microbial packaging to provide its customers the safest possible experience in the current Covid-19 times. The pandemic-proof packaging solution, sourced from Bangalore-based packaging innovator Ficus Pax, consists of an anti-microbial coating with silver ion technology that is validated with an efficacy of 99% viral reduction. It provides an added layer of protection from the Coronavirus for consumers and others who may handle the packaging of the product as it moves through the supply chain.

Company :-Perfect Relations Pvt. Ltd

User :- Isha Kumar


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