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The First American Narcotics Trafficking Series stars actor Horse Wren

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Most of the time independently filmed projects and their directors get overlooked. But, once in a blue moon, an indie film or series comes around and shows what heart, drive, and a love for the post production can do.
Let me introduce such a passion for the art of adding acting and angles from the camera lens can do.
Lights, camera, action! And, Lit Atlanta narcotrafficking explores the port of Atlanta and how it is a gateway for smuggling tons of cocaine both (imported and exported.) To the most powerful criminals, syndicates, and cartels.
Until now, it was a free for all. New era shows the rules have changed as an Atlanta boss of bosses seizes control over the once multiple operating criminal organizations.

The mafia, the cartels, the yakuza, the syndicates, and even parts of Georgia's government now dance to the tune of Liazon Allante' aka ' El Caballo ' . Using diplomatic never heard or seen before ideas to effectively launder the millions flowing from narcotrafficking. Even as the world is going through the toughest times, appetites for drugs increase drastically as with new ways to export to other parts of the world. Maintaining a grasp over Atlanta is key.
Watch as Liazon Allante' played by actor Horse Wren finds himself surrounded by those that wish to betray him at every turn! Who can trust anyone in the highest levels of this narco-city hierarchy?
Watch as corruption and mayhem manifest itself from out of nowhere to keep you watching!

Produced by Terrence Hutchinson
Associate Producer Denny Holmes

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