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Conspiracy Castle Has Released Their Interview with Dr. Lorraine Day on YouTube Channel

2021-04-20 03:50:28 Art & Entertainment


Alex Stein, the Conspiracy Castle founder, has released an interview with Dr. Lorraine Day on Conspiracy Castle's Youtube channel Dr. Day is an orthopedic trauma surgeon, HIV & AIDS expert, author, and medical professor. During his two hours exciting interview Dr. Day, they discussed some interesting topics, including Covid 19 and vaccines. During the two hours of interview, Dr. Day talks about anything, including how the Covid 19 Pandemic is a complete hoax and a lie. Dr. Day stated, "God made the body to heal itself, vaccination never works, vaccination to destroy the population of the world." 

Dr. Day has answered all the questions during the interview with logical explanations based on science, including some topics that people never heard before like sexuality, vaccine, God, communism, and many more. Besides answering questions with logical answers, Dr. Day also introduces her new book of thirty years of research, entitled "The Deliberate, Destruction of America and the World". This book could be an interesting reading material to those interested in conspiracy theory as well as the hidden fact of America and the world's secrets in the last 100 years.

About Dr. Lorraine Day 

Dr. Lorraine Day is a senior orthopedic trauma surgeon, best-selling author, and AIDS expert. Dr. Day has appeared on several radios and television shows, including 60 minutes, CNN Crossfire, Oprah Winfrey, Nightline, Larry King Live, John Ankerberg Show, USA Radio Network, The 700 Club, Art Bell Radio Show, Trinity Broadcasting Network, and Three Angels Broadcasting Network. Dr. Day discusses anything interesting based on science, including Natural, Environment, Alternative Therapies for all Diseases, including Cancer and AIDS. For more information about Dr. Lorraine Day, please visit

About Conspiracy Castle

Conspiracy Castle discusses some interesting and weird topics that people have never heard before. Conspiracy Castle is available on www.ConspiracyCastle.Live and YouTube channel @ConspiracyCastle, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The long Interview of Conspiracy Castle with Dr. Lorraine Day is fascinating to watch, especially for those who are curious about recent topics like Covid, health, and the world.


For more information about the interview with Dr. Lorraine Day, please visit

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