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Immigration and the Global Indian Diaspora to Account for India’s Growing Diplomatic Clout

2020-08-09 12:42:53 Legal / Law


In the recent weeks there has been a lot of news about India’s growing stature in the diplomatic circles of the world. We examine the role that immigration has played to help the Indian image abroad. The international tours of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and the warm welcome he has received from the various countries he has visited. Not only has the prime minister been welcomed with pomp and ceremony, but also has been conferred the highest civilian honor by three countries. The international reaction around the revoking of article 370 in the state of Jammu and Kashmir also was indicative of the growing clout that India enjoys as a global power player nowadays.

Immigration Leads to Greater Understanding and Respect for Indians

Recently India was invited as a special guest to the G7 summit, which is a summit, where seven of the most powerful countries in the world gather to discuss politics and economics. India’s invitation to this summit is also one of the most glaring indications of its growing stature in the world economy. But can all this be attributed just to the election of a political leader, or to growth in the Indian economy. On the contrary, Indian economic growth is slowing down, and yet, the country is witnessing growing popularity. In contrast to times when Indian’s were viewed with suspicion and derision, Indians today are respected all over the world for the skill sets and their ability to adapt to different cultures. They are lauded for their hard working ethos and their integrity all over the world. The reason for this growing clout of global public opinion in favor of Indians can be attributed to the immigration of Indians( to different parts of the world. As people from India, settle in countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Canada, USA, UK and Australia, their presence is becoming stronger and their voices are being heard. Many second and third generation immigrants are citizens in countries where their parents and grandparents have immigrated and have the power of the vote to influence policy decisions in favor of India

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