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Intellect Acute Has a Dual Offering of Microdot and Samia Templates

2021-01-15 06:11:55 Design


London, 15th Feb, 2017 – Intellect Acute in keeping with its tradition of innovation has introduced Microdot Template and Samia Template, both based on its famed FlexiPage website builder. These professionally designed templates available online, cater to the needs of both expert and novice web designers. Like all its earlier products, these templates come complete with live demonstrations, attractive add-ons, competitive prices, and uncompromising after sales support.

Microdot Template is an affordable web design platform that grows along with your requirements. This template allows web designers to create unlimited number of pages. As these web pages are based on FlexiPage, the properties of flexibility and upgradability are already inbuilt. Web designers and owners have the option of adding more than 40 services in subsequence. The company has arrangements of live demonstration for Microdot for willing designers and buyers. The template is totally customisable as regards usage of texts, colours and images. Microdot Template is priced below £100 for easy purchase.

In contrast to Microdot, Samia Template is a single page website format. Also based on FlexiPage web design platform, this template has superior flexibility and responsive features. Expert designers would find this platform convenient to work on as it is based on a professional framework. Live in demonstration of this product illustrates its functions and flexibility properties. Samia template also comes with the capability of 40+ add-ons. This is the beauty of Intellect Acute templates. Websites based on their templates might be ungraded with add-ons as and when desired. It allows website owners to remain in competition once and always. Sami also comes to buyers at sub £100 price.

Both Microdot and Samia templates represent the company’s brilliance and professional expertise about which it is renowned. These templates are offered online with complete documentation. This enables beginners and new web designers to create websites smoothly and fast. Online availability of these templates ensures ready accessibility. Accessibility is further assured by responsive designs of these templates. Websites created with either of these templates is compliant to personal computers, laptops, and mobile handsets.

Buyers of these products are offered total technical support at every step of installation and functioning. Intellect Acute stands out with its impeccable customer support and after sales service. Buyers of this company’s products are always ensured of prompt service support, bre they for commercial or technical reasons.

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