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Unlocking New Possibilities for Preventative Wellness With New Galaxy Watch and BioActive Sensor

2024-07-16 12:54:08 Health and Fitness


Gurugram, India - July 8, 2024: Samsung has been driving digital heath innovation to help simplify health and wellness by bringing together insights and metrics to offer a more impactful and streamlined wellness experience. This approach starts by improving access to simple and accurate health tracking through Samsung\'s BioActive Sensor, which provides you with more comprehensive, personalized and accurate health data.

Furthering this mission, Samsung is raising the bar again and introducing the newest iteration of its BioActive Sensor. Coming to the next Galaxy Watch, the new sensor will enable advanced predictive and preventative wellness features never before seen on a wearable device — in addition to more accurate health measurements.

Introducing Samsung\'s New BioActive Sensor

The all-new BioActive Sensor is essential to bringing you better preventative health experiences on the next Galaxy Watch, with design improvements that enable even more precise health insights. Samsung engineers focused on three upgrades to the new sensor: enhancing the performance of light-receiving photodiodes, adding additional colors of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and arranging them optimally across the sensor.

Samsung more than doubled the performance of each photodiode, successfully decreasing the number needed to maintain capacity from eight to four. This redesign freed up additional space for the integration of a larger number and variety of LEDs and ensured their optimal placement across the sensor. The new sensor now includes Blue, Yellow, Violet and Ultraviolet LEDs in addition to an increased number of Green, Red and Infrared LEDs. With the integration and arrangement of these LEDs, photodiodes and specially designed photodiode, Samsung is taking innovation one step further and is now able to pursue unexplored aspects of health monitoring on wearables.

Bringing Greater Accuracy and New Possibilities for Preventative Wellness

The optimal allocation of Green, Red and Infrared LEDs sets new standards in wearable technology by improving accuracy and enabling exceptional performance across a broad array of health metrics. This allows the new BioActive Sensor to more accurately measure health metrics such as heart rate, sleep quality, blood pressure,blood oxygen levels and stress levels.Even the measurement of heart rate during intensive workouts is 30% more accurate compared to its predecessor.

The more diverse colors of LEDs and newly designed photodiodes unlock new possibilities and empower you to better predict trends and take proactive steps for preventative care. The first of these features will be an advanced glycation end products (AGEs) index — an indicator of metabolic health and biological aging strongly influenced by overall lifestyle and dietary habits. Used as an insightful biomarker, this index provides a snapshot of your biological age to help you make more informed decisions about your wellness journey and work towards a healthier future. The addition of an AGEs index is just one of the many new advanced features planned for the next Galaxy Watch.

The next Galaxy Watch will bring more sophisticated and intelligent health and wellness tools to help you reach your goals. We can\'t wait to show you more!

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