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Simba Announces Exciting 'Brew Off' Competition for Aspiring Brewers

2024-07-16 07:33:33 Lifestyle


Simba, India's foremost craft beer brand, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest initiative, "Brew Off," a brewery competition designed to bring together numerous microbreweries. This unique event, scheduled to take place at the end of August 2024 at Woodside Inn in Mumbai, celebrates the art of brewing by providing microbreweries with a larger platform to showcase their brews. The competition will present an exciting blend of creativity, passion, and brewing excellence.

Brew Off offers a cash prize of INR 3 Lakhs and the opportunity to develop a limited edition brew in collaboration with Simba. The winning brew will be distributed across Goa, making it the finest choice for people to enjoy while in the city.

Each participating brewery can enter up to two of its finest beers into the competition. The Maharashtra-based breweries are preferred due to excise permits and logistical considerations. Still, microbreweries from other states are welcome to join by handling the necessary regulations and arranging deliveries to Woodside Inn in Mumbai.

The registration process for Brew Off will begin at the end of June 2024. Additionally, interested breweries must fill out the registration form specifying their beer style, hops, ABV, and tasting notes for their entries.

The final list of participating breweries will be announced at the end of July, with the event culminating in late August. A distinguished panel of expert judges will evaluate the beers on various parameters, including taste, aroma, appearance, and overall impression.

A highlight of the event will be the tasting round, where participating brewers will present their beers and explain why their creation deserves to be the winning collaborative brew with Simba. This interactive session will allow judges to ask questions and understand the inspiration behind each brew, adding an educational dimension to the competition.

"Brew Off is our commitment to enrich the brewing community, fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence that defines SIMBA's dedication to craft," said Ishwaraj Singh Bhatia, Co-Founder and COO of Simba.

Founded in 2016, Simba has expanded its distribution to over 17 states. As India's first family-run craft brewery, Simba has carved a niche with its passion-driven approach to brewing. Headquartered in Chhattisgarh, Simba operates its flagship brewery in Durg, where small batches are brewed to ensure quality and consistency.

Brew Off is set to be an annual celebration of brewing brilliance, bringing together the best minds and talents in the industry. Simba, driven by a love for crafting beer and a commitment to championing the growth of the industry, is proud to host this competition. As the event approaches, it promises to be an exciting occasion for all who eagerly await the next great brew.

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