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International Yoga Day observed at 'Dhyan Kaksh' Vasundhara

2024-07-15 05:51:54 Events / Trade Shows


On the occasion of International Yoga Day, Yoga for 'Humanity adopting equanimity' was observed at Meditation Centre 'Dhyaan Kaksh' by Satyug at Haryana's Faridabad amidst hundreds of yoga enthusiasts gathered not only from Faridabad but also from Delhi and the NCRs.

The passage defines yoga as a “restrained state of mind situated in the form of self.” Yoga is about achieving a controlled and balanced mental state, where the mind is focused and calm. This is often interpreted as realizing the unity of the individual self (atman) with the universal consciousness (Brahman) in many yogic and philosophical traditions. Deepender Kant, Principal, Satyug Darshan Sangeet Kala Kendra.

Priyanka Sinha, Yoga instructor led the gathering. The significance of yoga limiting not to just physical and mental fitness was emphasised. It lays great emphasis on how one practising yoga can protect oneself from disease and stay fit; how it helps one gain confidence and this practice connects one to the spiritual realm as well. Yoga teaches how to brave the adversaries in life without losing one's cool.

To embrace this practice, one has to be religiously devoted and seriously consistent which results in dispelling negativity, anger and greed.

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