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ManipalCigna Appointed as Lead Insurer for Karnataka State Insurance Awareness

2024-07-15 09:28:56 Health and Fitness


Karnataka- August 31st, 2023: ManipalCigna Health Insurance, one of India's fastest-growing standalone health insurance company has been appointed as lead health insurer under the State Insurance Awareness Plan in Karnataka by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) to expand insurance coverage and create health insurance awareness across the state.

As health insurance expert, ManipalCigna will play a pivotal role in raising awareness, ensuring that citizens of Karnataka have access to insurance coverage. The company's rich expertise, extensive multi-distribution network and innovative approach to health insurance makes it the ideal choice to spread awareness about the importance of health insurance to the grass-root level in Karnataka.

Commenting on this strategic partnership, Prasun Sikdar, Managing Director and CEO, ManipalCigna Health Insurance, said, "We are honoured to take on the role of lead insurer for IRDAI's state insurance plan in Karnataka. Our mission aligns perfectly with the goal of the state insurance plan - to provide easy and lifetime access to quality healthcare to every citizen. By leveraging Manipal Group's local presence and expertise in healthcare delivery, we are committed to help make IRDAI's visionary goal of 'Insurance for All 2047' a reality for all residents, thereby contributing to the overall financial well-being of the people of Karnataka."

Sikdar further added, "Manipal Hospitals is renowned for its exceptional medical expertise in the state of Karnataka and is a trusted name in the region. With a comprehensive understanding of the region's demographic and health profile, ManipalCigna Health Insurance in partnership with Manipal Hospitals we plan to conduct health camps and other on-ground awareness activities across the region to promote preventive health measures and drive insurance adoption."

To drive insurance penetration across the state and spread the message about the value of health insurance, ManipalCigna has also launched a new Kannada tagline 'Health Insurance Avashyaka' (Health Insurance is a Necessity) to promote the fact that health and financial well-being isn't complete without insurance. By assuming the lead insurer role, the company aims to amplify the importance of insurance by actively collaborating with government agencies, local healthcare providers, and community organizations to drive awareness campaigns, educational initiatives, and enrollment drives. Further, by harnessing the power of strategic alliances, ManipalCigna is committed to making quality healthcare accessible and affordable to all segments of the population.

Commenting on the initiative, Sapna Desai, Chief Marketing Officer, and India Project Lead - State Insurance Plan for ManipalCigna Health Insurance, said "To cover rising medical expenses one thing in certain, 'Health Insurance Avashyaka'. Thus, we at ManipalCigna, are proud to spearhead our efforts in creating insurance awareness and driving increased penetration in Karnataka. Through targeted strategic campaigns and community engagement, we are determined to bridge the gap in healthcare coverage, ensuring a healthier and more secure future for every individual in the state."

As per industry report, only a mere 32% of families have at least 1 member covered under health insurance in Karnataka. Additionally, non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, and respiratory ailments are on the rise, posing significant health risks. Thus, given the current health insurance landscape in Karnataka especially in remote areas, ManipalCigna is committed to raise health insurance awareness in the region.

In the upcoming months, the company plans to conduct several awareness engagement activities to sensitise citizens on the importance of Insurance. By working in close partnership with the insurance industry, the insurance regulator IRDAI, and the government, ManipalCigna aims to bring more citizens under the ambit of insurance, and ensure the benefits of insurance coverage reach each and every individual in the state, particularly in rural and underserved areas who are mostly vulnerable to the financial burdens of medical expenses.

About ManipalCigna Health Insurance Company Limited

ManipalCigna Health Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between Manipal Group, an eminent player in healthcare delivery and higher education in India, and Cigna Healthcare, a global health services company with over 230 years of experience. ManipalCigna is headquartered out of Mumbai and has 77 branch offices covering significant metros and towns. The company has built a strong multi-distribution network of over 60,000 agents and 500+ distribution partners across the country. ManipalCigna also has presence in 400+ cities in India through its distribution network and has a network of over 8700 hospitals across cities including tier I, tier II, and tier III towns in India. To learn more, visit

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