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Dr. Manish Khaitan Discusses Obesity Causes and Bariatric Surgery Benefits on GetsetflySCIENCE Podcast

2024-07-16 03:55:07 Health and Fitness


Ahmedabad, June 17, 2024 -- Dr. Manish Khaitan, a renowned bariatric surgeon in Ahmedabad at Nobesity, was recently featured on Gaurav Thakur's podcast "GetsetflySCIENCE." Invited for his extensive 15+ years of experience in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery, Dr. Manish Khaitan shared his expertise on the root causes of obesity and the significant benefits of bariatric surgery. During the podcast, he elaborated on how bariatric surgery plays a crucial role in addressing obesity, offering valuable insights and practical advice to listeners.
"Modern lifestyle choices significantly contribute to weight gain. Staying up late disrupts insulin production, leading to fat storage. Moreover, prolonged physical inactivity, sitting in front of digital screens, and excessive junk food consumption worsen the issue," says Dr. Manish Khaitan.
Obesity poses severe health risks, including diabetes, hypertension, liver & heart diseases, mood and reproductive disorders, and sleep apnea. Dr. Manish Khaitan emphasizes the importance of addressing these issues through bariatric surgery, which not only gives significant weight loss but also alleviates joint pain, enhances mobility, and improves mental health. Post-surgery, patients see controlled diabetes and hypertension, showcasing the procedure's comprehensive benefits.
Dr. Manish Khaitan stresses the need for lifestyle changes post-surgery, including regular exercise and a balanced nutritious diet, for sustained health improvements. He also calls on fitness influencers to promote healthy habits among their followers for a fit and disease-free future generation.
Nobesity is a premier Bariatric Center of Excellence in India, with over 8,000 successful bariatric surgeries. Annually, more than 650 patients opt for treatment here for morbid obesity and metabolic disorders. Recognized by the Obesity Surgical Society of India, NObesity excels in patient support, with over 100 patients attending their patient support group programs.
Situated in KD Hospital, Ahmedabad, Nobesity is acclaimed for advanced weight loss treatments, excellent patient care, and a pleasant hospital experience. The facility features a state-of-the-art operation theater with cutting-edge equipment led by Dr. Manish Khaitan, a top bariatric and laparoscopic surgeon.
For more information on bariatric surgery and consultations with Dr Manish Khaitan and his team, visit the Nobesity or contact us at +91-8999949999, +91-9925558543, or

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