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Supr Water to announce the launch of a revolutionary Protein-Packed Goodness in the fitness & hydration market.

2024-07-16 04:05:55 Business


New Delhi, May 2024: In a world where health-conscious choices are paramount, SUPR Water emerges as a beacon of innovation and wellness. Founded in 2023 by visionary young entrepreneurs Mr.Shivam Chawla and Mr.Chaitanya Tulsyan, SUPR Water blends clean protein with hydration, offering 24g of protein and 7g of BCAA per serving. The brand embodies a mission both simple and profound: to redefine hydration and revolutionise how people nourish their bodies. With a commitment to providing convenient, nutritious solutions, SUPR Water empowers individuals to effortlessly embrace healthier lifestyles, one sip at a time. The brand stands out as the cleanest and purest form of protein available in the market crafted with premium ingredients from the USA.

SUPR Water is formulated for individuals, fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and vegetarians as it offers a guilt-free indulgence for every occasion, starting at only INR 199. The drinks are available in a variety of flavours, including Lemonade, Mango Orange, Grape Frost and Berry Blast, making it the perfect companion for social gatherings, workouts, or a refreshing break during a busy day. Each bottle of SUPR Water is crafted to enhance hydration while addressing India's protein deficiency; while also being free from sugar, fat, lactose, and gluten.

Mr.Shivam Chawla, the driving force behind SUPR Water, articulates the brand's core ethos, stating, "At SuprWater, we're not just selling a drink; we're crafting a lifeline of wellness, pouring hope and vitality into every sip, transforming lives one drop at a time." His personal journey as a fitness enthusiast who is always on the lookout for healthy protein options and also being a vegetarian, underscores his commitment to providing accessible and nutritious solutions for all. Mr.Chaitanya Tulsyan, co-founder of SUPR Water, shares his entrepreneurial journey, from academia to the inception of SUPR Water. He reflects on the relentless pursuit of excellence that drives him, stating, "Our company, Goodpro Corporation, stands as a testament to our vision of delivering quality products that not only satisfy consumer needs but also contribute positively to their well-being." Chaitanya Tulsyan further expresses excitement for the journey ahead, emphasising SUPR Water's role as a pioneer in redefining standards within the FMCG industry.

Looking ahead, SUPR Water sees itself as just the beginning of a broader journey towards holistic wellness. With a vision to revolutionise the way people perceive health and wellness, the brand envisions expanding its offerings beyond its flagship SUPR water. The brand is excited to introduce a range of innovative products catering to diverse dietary needs and preferences. Upcoming additions to the lineup include SUPR Probiotic shots, meticulously designed to support gut health and immunity, and SUPR Makhana, offering a delicious and nutritious snacking option. Additionally, SUPR is crafting protein bars tailored for on-the-go energy and muscle recovery. With these new additions, it aims to establish itself as a trusted companion in every aspect of customers' wellness journeys, from hydration to snacking and beyond.

About SUPR Water

Established in 2023, SUPR Water aims to redefine functional hydration with a focus on innovation and wellness. Crafted in the United States, SUPR Water offers 24g of protein and 7g of BCAA per serving, highlighting our commitment to quality and nutritional excellence. The story of SUPR Water began with Shivam Chawla and Chaitanya Tulsyan, who met while pursuing their Master of Science in Management in Entrepreneurial Leadership at Babson College, USA. Bonding over a shared vision to create a meaningful impact, they were driven by the desire to forge their own path. With Shivam's dedication to fitness and Chaitanya's pharmaceutical background, they identified a critical issue in India: widespread protein deficiency. Despite the Indian Council of Medical Research recommending a daily protein intake of one gram per kilogram of body weight, the average intake in India is significantly lower. Determined to address this, they founded SUPR Water to enhance protein consumption and overall health. By providing high-quality protein and promoting awareness about proper nutrition, Shivam and Chaitanya are transforming the way India consumes protein, making a lasting impact on the country's health landscape

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