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DesignNBuy Releases DesignO 2.0, Revolutionizing the Web to Print Experience for WooCommerce Stores

2024-06-12 11:42:46 Technology


DesignNBuy, a leading provider of web to print solutions, today announced the release of DesignO 2.0, its latest and most powerful update to the DesignO platform. This new version boasts complete compatibility with WooCommerce, offering a suite of features designed to streamline workflows and boost efficiency for online print shops.

DesignO 2.0 tackles a major pain point for print service providers: managing complex product options and pricing on WooCommerce. The platform now allows for effortless setup of custom options like dropdown menus, checkboxes, and swatches, directly within the interface. Additionally, a robust pricing engine simplifies adjustments based on quantity, size, and other variables, eliminating the need for cumbersome spreadsheets.

DesignO 2.0 goes beyond product configuration. The new "Create Order" option allows admin users to generate orders directly from the backend, ensuring seamless handling of offline inquiries. Enhanced quotation management allows customers to request and track quotes, while admins can manage everything from a centralized "Quotations" module.

Further boosting efficiency, DesignO 2.0 introduces an export feature for order details in CSV format, facilitating data transfer and backups. The "Product Clone" feature saves time by allowing admins to duplicate existing products with minor modifications. Improved message clarity and enhanced date display contribute to a better customer experience.

Open Source Technology for Long-Term Success

Built on open source technologies, DesignO 2.0 offers businesses unmatched flexibility and control. Users can customize and extend the platform to meet their specific needs, fostering innovation and ensuring long-term success.

"DesignO 2.0 represents more than just an upgrade; it's a significant leap forward in web to print technology," said Nidhi Agarwal, CEO of DesignNBuy. "Our unwavering commitment is to provide our customers with exceptional solutions that empower their businesses to thrive."

Visit for more information:

Experience the Power of DesignO 2.0

For more information on DesignO 2.0 and to see these features in action, visit DesignNBuy's website or contact their web to print experts. With DesignO 2.0, DesignNBuy is not just launching a new solution; they're opening a new chapter for success in the world of web to print.


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