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Shannon Jackson Reflects on Her Journey from Single Motherhood to CEO in FEMI Magazine

2024-06-13 03:25:09 Education


Los Angeles, CA, 24 May 24: FEMI Magazine proudly features Shannon Jackson, CEO of "Living Your Life Without Limits" (LYLWL). In this exclusive interview, she shares an empowering narrative of her rise from teenage motherhood in Compton to a distinguished leader in healthcare and wellness. She unveils how her faith, resilience, and relentless drive have shaped her personally and professionally.

Shannon's story begins in Compton, CA, where she was raised under the watchful eyes of her mother and grandmother, who instilled the values of faith and resilience. Despite becoming a mother at the tender age of 15 and again at 19, Shannon's unwavering faith and determination propelled her forward. By 22, she had transitioned from welfare to academia, earning her degree and quickly advancing into leadership roles in healthcare.

Shannon has specialized in regulatory compliance, employee development, and leadership training throughout her career. Her profound journey and extensive experience have led her to found "Living Your Life Without Limits," a venture aimed at empowering others to overcome barriers and achieve their full potential.

In the interview, Shannon shares, "My early challenges taught me the importance of self-love, responsibility, and resilience qualities that I've carried into my professional life. These experiences paved the way for her to found LYLWL at 54, where she now serves as CEO and consultant, leveraging her extensive experience to enhance healthcare practices and workforce engagement.

The main idea of "Living Your Life Without Limits" is based on Shannon's personal philosophy: no matter what the circumstances, with faith and determination, one can overcome limitations. This belief became stronger through self-reflection in 2019, leading her to reduce her busy work schedule and focus on helping and motivating others.

Shannon's commitment extends beyond her business. Her community outreach program, "Street Love," is a beacon of hope for underserved communities. It provides motivation, education, and inspiration, focusing on health and wellness. This initiative brings essential resources directly to those in need, creating lasting impacts and fostering a sense of hope and belonging.
Recently, Shannon has expanded her outreach through "Virtual Expressions," a project delivering virtual cards filled with messages of encouragement and joy. This venture was inspired by the positive reactions to her spoken and written words at various events, leading her to use virtual platforms to reach a broader audience.

Reflecting on her journey and the stereotypes she has shattered, Shannon advises, "Stay true to yourself, embrace your challenges as opportunities for growth, and never underestimate the power of a supportive community."

The full interview, which provides deeper insights into Shannon's life and her multifaceted career, is available in the latest issue of FEMI Magazine. For more information about Shannon Jackson and her initiatives or to learn how you can support "Living Your Life Without Limits" and "Street Love," please visit

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