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The Gourmet Table to be hosted by the Indian Accent in New Delhi on May 18th

2024-06-18 11:34:08 Events / Trade Shows


New Delhi, May 15, 2024: Experience culinary excellence at The Gourmet Table hosted by the prestigious Indian Accent in New Delhi on May 18th. This exclusive event promises an unforgettable dining experience for Times Prime members.

Indian Accent, celebrated for its revolutionary take on traditional Indian cuisine, is led by the visionary Chef Manish Mehrotra. At the heart of this event is a meticulously crafted six-course meal, each dish paired with specially selected fine wines provided by Aspri Spirits.

Engage your senses at The Gourmet Table with exclusive culinary creations by Chef Manish Mehrotra, who blends local and seasonal ingredients with global influences, offering dishes that are both a visual and palatable delight. In collaboration with Indian Accent, Aspri Spirits will elevate the dining experience with five premium wines, each meticulously selected to complement the six-course meal. Beyond exquisite food and wine, this event offers a prime networking opportunity, allowing culinary enthusiasts to connect over their shared passion for innovative cuisine.

This event offers a unique opportunity to explore innovative Indian cuisine in a renowned setting, ideal for culinary enthusiasts and lifestyle readers looking for unparalleled dining experiences. It's an exceptional chance for networking with like-minded gourmets and appreciating the fusion of traditional flavors with modern gastronomy, curated specially by Times Prime.

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