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J AGRI Returns to Kyushu, Showcases Next-Gen AgriTech with Three Specialized Sub-Shows

2024-06-18 12:30:30 Events / Trade Shows


RX Japan announced the return of J AGRI, a comprehensive agricultural trade show, taking place May 22-24, 2024, at Makuhari Messe in Japan. This year, J AGRI will offer a more focused experience for visitors with the introduction of three dedicated sub-shows: J AGRI Supply, J AGRI Tech, and J AGRI Livestock.

J AGRI has always aimed to be a one-stop shop for everything agriculture, but with the ever-evolving industry, RX Japan recognized the need for a more segmented approach. This improved structure focuses on key product categories to ensure that visitors can efficiently find specific products and solutions for their interests and needs.

J AGRI Supply
J AGRI Supply presents a diverse array of agricultural supplies, featuring the latest advancements in greenhouse technology, open-field cultivation materials, farm machinery, fertilizers, wildlife prevention products, and more. With dedicated zones such as the Agriculture Machinery Zone, Greenhouse Horticulture Zone, Fertilizers & Soil Conditioners Zone, and Agricultural Damage Control Zone, attendees can explore a wide range of products essential for modern farming practices.

Designed for technology enthusiasts and proponents of smart farming, J AGRI Tech showcases the latest innovations in agricultural technology, including IT/IoT solutions, drones, agricultural robots, and plant factory systems. The show features specialized zones like the Plant Factory Zone and Drone/Robot Zone, offering insights into how technology is revolutionizing agriculture and optimizing production processes.

J AGRI Livestock
J AGRI Livestock brings together suppliers and manufacturers of livestock farming equipment, feed, feed additives, barn systems, farm management solutions, and animal health control technologies. With dedicated areas such as the AI/Smart Livestock Technology Zone and Feed & Feed Additives Zone, this exhibition highlights advancements in livestock management and welfare, catering to the evolving needs of the industry.

"By segmenting J AGRI into three focused sub-shows, we aim to provide visitors with a more efficient and productive experience. They can now navigate to the specific show most relevant to their needs and explore the latest advancements in a focused environment, explains Manami Ogawa, RX Japan Int'l Marketing Specialist at J AGRI Show Management.

Among the exhibitors are industry leaders such as Nikon Solutions, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation, NTT Agri Technology, NTT e-Drone Technology, Daikin, and more. Visitors can expect to see groundbreaking products like Nikon's NiLIMo monitoring system, utilizing AI and image recognition technology for livestock management, and NTT e-Drone Technology's agricultural drone AC101connect, set to revolutionize precision agriculture.

Interested attendees are urged to register online at the While admission to the event is free, visitor registration slots are limited. Registration before the event is highly encouraged to secure a spot at this premier agricultural technology showcase.

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