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Mother's Day celebrated at a special screening of "Boonie Bears: Guardian Code" with Moms & their children

2024-06-18 05:29:40 Events / Trade Shows


12th May 2024: Mother's Day was celebrated with Mommy Bloggers & their Kids feasting on a special screening of " Boonie Bears : Guardian Code". Well-known Mommy Bloggers from Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore & Chennai treated themselves & their kids to a special siesta this Friday. This screening held in various multiplexes was a joyful ride & witnessed them taking selfies in various poses with the standees & backdrops of the film. They were so connected with the film that one can see them rooting for the 2 brothers fighting against all odds to get their lost mother back. In the end, some of them were noticed getting teary-eyed watching the brothers reunite with their Mother.

Critics from all the national publications and online-digital platforms have given good favourable reviews to the first-ever Boonie Bears film from the universally loved global franchisee to be released in Indian theatres.

"Boonie Bears - Guardian Code" is a cute alluring journey of 2 lovable Bear Cubs Briar & Bramble who have been living happily with their mother Barbara in the forest of Crystal Peaks until a devastating fire separates them from their mother. Many years later they get a mysterious clue about their mother being alive. Determined to unravel the mystery of her disappearance with grit & courage, the bear brothers ultimately emerge victorious by confronting the truth & rescuing her from the villains. The title of the Hindi version is called " "Boonie Bears – Mumma Ki Khoj" & the Bear Cubs are called Bunnu & Munnu

This is the 11th animation feature film from the globally beloved "Boonie Bears" animated franchise which has captivated audiences across 82 countries worldwide since 2012.

Mr. Rajat Agrawal, Director, Ultra Media & Entertainment Group quoted " We are extremely thrilled to bring Boonie Bears to Indian cinemas. The sheer fan following that the franchise had been enjoying globally is a testament of its universal appeal. The emotional quotient of the film will resonate well with the Indian audience. We also have been observing that there is a dearth of good films for children in India. Hence we also strategically timed the release to sync it with the summer vacation of the children, so that they can enjoy it in the theatres with their family in leisure "

The adventures of Bonnie Bears have transcended language barriers, fascinating audiences of all ages with their endearing antics & heartwarming narratives. They have become a cultural phenomenon, enchanting generations with their timeless charm & universal appeal.

Boonie Bears, an international franchise has evolved into a highly cherished animated universe with 10 films & extensive TV series spanning 11 seasons with 728 episodes worldwide since its debut on January 22, 2012. Alongside it, Boonie Bears has also expanded its reach with 5 books, further enriching its immersive universe. It is currently being streamed on Netflix, Sony & Disney globally.

The "Boonie Bears" film series is based on the wildly popular animated television show produced by Fantawild Holdings Inc. Boonie Bears series started its worldwide theatrical journey in 2014, Boonie Bears : Guardian Code garnered a Worldwide Box office of 220 Million $. The film is acquired & released in India by Ultra Media & Entertainment Group.

Television Series: Boonie Bears was first shown on Television in 2013 with BB: Homeward & in 2014 with BB: Robo-Rumble. It garnered a huge traction & became the most popular children's show globally. Following this an array of TV series was aired which spanned 11 seasons with 728 episodes worldwide since its debut.

About Ultra Media & Entertainment Private Ltd (Est. 1982): A professionally managed Indian Entertainment Conglomerate pioneering in the Content Production, Acquisition, Distribution & Syndication of Indian & International content globally. They have been providing end-to-end solutions in various languages & formats to the Film & Television Industry worldwide for the past 40 years. Fo

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