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Hollywood Weekly Magazine features Gernado G. Abrams in its April issue.

2024-05-25 03:34:27 Art & Entertainment


Hollywood Weekly Magazine takes great pride in offering an in-depth look at the life and legacy of Gernado G. Abrams. As a visionary artist with a bi-coastal journey, Abrams has carved out a career distinguished by artistic excellence and a profound dedication to philanthropy. [Hollywood Weekly Magazine, pages 34-37].

Born into a family enriched by gospel music and spiritual values, Abrams' artistic journey was rooted from an early age. His musical talent was cultivated at the esteemed Fame: School of the Arts, which laid the foundation for his varied and prosperous career in the arts.

Confronted with personal tragedy - the loss of his brother and cousin - Abrams transformed his grief into a catalyst for good. He founded the 'Stop The Violence, Use Your Talent' foundation, a pillar of hope that promotes creative expression as a tool to counteract societal violence. This initiative has impacted lives throughout the United States and beyond, nurturing a community of artists committed to positive change.

As an accomplished author, Abrams offers wisdom on entrepreneurship and self-improvement through his publications, including 'Winning Against All Odds: Entrepreneur Tools For Success' and 'Keeping It G: From Sun Up To Sun Down.' His literary contributions provide invaluable guidance for those navigating the challenges of business and personal growth.

In the music industry, Abrams is renowned not only as a creator but also as a nurturer of talent. His forthcoming twenty-four-track album is set to energize the dance music scene, accompanied by a series of vibrant music videos. Through Boss Music Online, he guides emerging artists, thereby extending his influence within the industry. Gernado G. Abrams' latest single 'LIT' is expected to make a significant impact. As the concluding installment of his ambitious 2024 project '24 K G,' this track is a tribute to Abrams' consistent dedication to crafting resonant rhythms and enduring melodies.

'LIT' is not just a song; it's the crescendo of a year-long journey that has seen Abrams release hit after hit, each one building on the last to create a mosaic of musical mastery. Fans and critics alike are eagerly awaiting the drop of 'LIT,' anticipating it to be the crowning achievement of Abrams' already stellar year.

This track promises to encapsulate all that '24 K G' represents: the gold standard of dance music, the pinnacle of production quality, and the embodiment of Abrams' passion for his craft. Get ready to be swept off your feet by the infectious beats and captivating melodies that are the hallmark of Gernado G. Abrams' artistry.

Abrams' creative journey continues to expand into film. His autobiographical feature film 'Out East' is nearing completion, promising to offer audiences an inspiring narrative of triumph over adversity. Moreover, Abrams is exploring innovative projects like the 'Doggie Park Animation Series,' showcasing his versatility and relentless pursuit of new artistic frontiers.

About Gernado G. Abrams
Gernado G. Abrams is an esteemed artist, producer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. His multifaceted work encompasses music, literature, and film, all marked by his deep commitment to enriching lives through art and action. For additional details about Gernado G. Abrams, please visit

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