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FIITJEE Introduces Diagnostic cum Scholarship Tests for Students to assess their aptitude & success potential

2024-05-24 02:37:57 Education


New Delhi, April 15, 2024: FIITJEE, India's leading coaching institute for JEE and other competitive examinations, is delighted to announce the 'Masters of Diagnosis' - Diagnostic cum Scholarship Tests for Students of Class VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI & XII. This is a rare and distinctive opportunity for students to assess their academic capabilities and secure admission in the extraordinary world of FIITJEE.

Diagnostic cum Scholarship test is comprehensively designed to assess the current knowledge and potential of students. Through this test, students will be able to diagnose their current and hidden academic potential. They will be given a proper analysis of their IQ, Analytical and Logical Skills, and Problem-Solving Capabilities, which are pivotal for clearing various competitive and scholastic exams, and dealing even with various problems life throws at us.

Since its inception, FIITJEE has established an unprecedented legacy in the domain of JEE Main & JEE Advanced and other competitive & scholastic exams. Over the years, FIITJEE has produced JEE toppers, demonstrating the significance of its teaching methodologies and commitment to academic excellence. The institute's outstanding expertise, proficient faculty, and comprehensive pattern proof study materials have contributed to its reputation as a premier coaching institute.

While FIITJEE's prominence primarily revolves around JEE preparation, it is important to note that under the 'Masters of Diagnosis', Diagnostic cum Scholarship test is not solely aimed at JEE aspirants. This test is prepared to assess students' foundational knowledge and academic abilities across diverse disciplines.

The Diagnostic Cum Scholarship Tests give students access to the FIITJEE's universe and serve as a diagnostic tool for assessing their academic potential. The renowned pedagogy of FIITJEE will prime them for remarkable performance in JEE Main and Advanced, NTSE, INSPIRE (previous KVPY), and various Olympiads.

And, if a student opts for a non-engineering stream/career, then FIITJEE's education module will develop the various skills in students like time management strategies, logical thinking, and analytical ability, which are extremely crucial for various competitive and scholastic exams as well as for dealing with various real-life problems.

''The Masters of Diagnosis echoes FIITJEE's commitment to fostering holistic academic development in any stream of education. By providing a comprehensive assessment that transcends JEE preparation, the institute aims to empower students with the essential skills and knowledge required for success in various academic pursuits. It reflects FIITJEE's sincere intent of developing and nurturing well-rounded personalities fully equipped to thrive in these highly competitive and challenging times,'' said Mr. R L Trikha, Director, FIITJEE Group.

The tests will be conducted on April 28th 2024, and are open to students from Class VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI & XII. The tests will be conducted in the pattern of JEE and other competitive and scholastic exams, with Objective-type questions from IQ, Science, and Mathematics (for Class VI to X) and IQ, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (for Class XI, XII & XII Appeared). The exam syllabi for all classes (VI to XII) will constitute the full syllabus of the previous Class.

Individuals must complete their registration before 26th April 2024.

Students can register online by visiting the website and offline by visiting any FIITJEE Centre and paying the registration fee in cash.

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