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AAFT University and Leeds Beckett University Forge Strategic Partnership

2024-05-24 04:38:11 News & Society


New Delhi: Dr. Sandeep Marwah, Chancellor of AAFT University, and Joe Rossiter, Director of International Recruitment & Partnerships at Leeds Beckett University, UK, recently convened for a fruitful meeting during Mr. Rossiter's visit to New Delhi. The meeting, which took place at a networking dinner hosted by the British Council, marked the beginning of a promising collaboration between the two esteemed institutions.

The discussions centered on exploring opportunities for collaboration and articulation of courses in the fields of hospitality and tourism, as well as media and entertainment industry. Both universities expressed their commitment to enhancing academic exchange and fostering mutual learning through joint initiatives and partnerships.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah welcomed the prospect of collaboration with Leeds Beckett University, acknowledging the institution�s esteemed reputation and expertise in the fields of academia and research. He emphasized the importance of forging strong international partnerships to enrich the academic experience and broaden the horizons of students.

Mr. Joe Rossiter, representing Leeds Beckett University, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership and highlighted the mutual benefits that would accrue from collaboration between the two institutions. He commended AAFT University for its commitment to excellence in education and its innovative approach to curriculum development.

Albeena Abbas, representing AAFT University, and Jaashree Raghuram, representing Leeds Beckett University, will spearhead the discussions and facilitate the articulation of different courses relevant to the hospitality and tourism sectors, as well as the media and entertainment industry. Their efforts will pave the way for the implementation of joint programs and initiatives aimed at providing students with a comprehensive and globally-oriented educational experience.

The partnership between AAFT University and Leeds Beckett University signifies a commitment to academic excellence, innovation, and internationalization. By leveraging their respective strengths and resources, the two institutions aim to create new opportunities for collaboration, research, and academic exchange, thereby enriching the educational landscape and empowering students to succeed in an increasingly interconnected world.

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