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As Water Quality Diminishes Globally, Altitude Water's Solution Called Atmospheric Water Generators is Trending

2024-05-18 12:02:16 Environment


Lauderdale Lakes, Fla., March 4, 2024- While water scarcity and quality are expected to worsen in coming years, a solution from Altitude Water is surfacing called Atmospheric Water Generators.

According to newly released research by the UN, about half of the world's population currently faces water scarcity, and those numbers will only grow as global warming and problems like pollution and natural disasters negatively impact global supply.

Water pollution especially was cited as a major concern, as water becomes too toxic for human and animal consumption.

Now to the rescue comes Florida's Altitude Water and their Disaster Relief Solar AWG Trailers, which has created technology to avoid polluted groundwater and tap into a safe and pure aquifer by capturing humidity (gas form of water) and turning it into the purest, mineralized, oxygenated water to drink once again.

The team at Altitude Water, headquartered in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, has been manufacturing devices called Atmospheric Water Generators for the last 15 years, which extract clean, fresh water from the air with solar energy supplied by New Use Energy Solutions. Unlike many brands, which create water through a process called reverse osmosis/UV purification; Altitude Water's products use a unique ozone purification that is also self-cleaning.

Additionally, their line of AWGs have been developed in such a way that they are capable of purifying a large external tank of water that can be saved for future use, a revolutionary step forward for the technology. And now they're becoming a trend as they have been put to efficient use globally.

"People deserve to have easy access to clean, safe water," said Jeff Szur, Chief Operations Officer at Altitude Water. "Water is a human need, and without safe drinking water people around the world will suffer terribly. As problems with climate change and disasters increase, we want to ensure that families can weather any storm and come out on top.

Our Atmospheric Water Generators will help that dream become a reality." Florida residents need to consider this revolutionary device as part of their disaster toolbox (forget the candles, flashlights, batteries and lines at the supermarket to store water as a T12 coupled with a solar generator from Nu Use Energy will make you secure and peaceful and ready for any loss of water and electricity from the utilities" added Szur.

The shift from bottled water, which has been found to contain harmful plastic shards, to technology such as filters and generators has been a long time coming, and Altitude Water has been ahead of the game with over 15 years of experience in the field. They aim to create the best generator for consumers and continue to improve their technology while competing with a newly-growing market.

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