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Infinity Globus US Launches its First LinkedIn Audio Event, Sheds Light on Onboarding Process

2024-04-13 10:06:28 Business


Infinity Globus US, a leading outsourced tax and accounting firm is all set to release its first-ever LinkedIn audio event titled "Onboarding Made Easy: Key Insights for Accounting Firms Outsourcing Their Services".

The outsourced accounting arena is a challenging realm that calls for precision and great know-how of the onboarding process and other intricate aspects concerning accounting firms venturing into outsourcing.

The LinkedIn audio event is thus dedicated to giving accounting firms an insight into how onboarding works, some of its key considerations, and ways to enjoy seamless integration with the outsourced accounting team that enhances their business efficiency.

The first LinkedIn audio event also gives some handy tips on curating a strategic onboarding plan, establishing clear communication channels, setting clear expectations, and ways to navigate the common onboarding hurdles effortlessly.

The session is useful if you're:

- An accounting firm owner considering outsourcing your accounting services.

- You've already outsourced but are looking for another outsourced accounting firm

- You want to learn best practices for a smooth and efficient transition.

Know Your Speakers

Parshwa Vora: Accounts Manager (Infinity Globus US)

Piyush Prajapati: Sr. Accounts Manager (Infinity Globus US)

The LinkedIn audio event will be live on 14th March '24, Thursday at 10:00 AM EST.

Get Started And Do Not Miss the Opportunity to Gain Onboarding Accounting Insights Closely!

Register Now-


Infinity Globus is a Texas-based outsourced tax and accounting firm with more than 20 years in the industry. It offers a range of outsourced accounting services to CPAs, EAs, and accounting firms across the US landscape.


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