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Vivaldi improves Mail Search and Translate, extends Web Panels with extension support

2024-04-14 01:57:52 Technology


Oslo, Norway February 29, 2024: What a day to release Vivaldi's first desktop update of the year - on the extra day of the leap year! The new version, Vivaldi 6.6, packs an "extra" punch on desktops and notebooks.

Web Panels gains page navigation and extension support

Vivaldi's many built-in features are available in the Panels bar. You have always been able to extend Vivaldi by adding any webpage as a Web Panel. You can now also extend the functionality of your Web Panels using full support for Chrome extensions.

By popular demand, your favorite extensions now work inside Web Panels. You can add popular websites like Spotify and WhatsApp as Web Panels, and extend their functionality using extensions available from the Chrome Web Store. Vivaldi is compatible with most Chrome extensions.

Use your favorite extensions inside the Vivaldi Web Panels

Extension developers can now also extend the functionality of Vivaldi by adding entire new Panels using the Side Panel extension API.

Page navigation within Web Panels

Web Panels are used for more things than we had ever imagined! To accommodate more use cases, we have added page navigation buttons to the Web Panel toolbar. You can now easily navigate Back and Forward as well as back to the Panel's startpage.

Get an instant overview of website permissions and privacy

Websites constantly prompt you for your permission to do ever more things: get your location, access your camera, send you notifications, and the list goes on. It can be overwhelming as you are just trying to find the information that you are looking for.

Vivaldi now gives you better control over which permissions websites can request. Go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Website Permissions > Global Permission to e.g., stop websites from pestering you with Notification permission requests.

Get granular control in managing website permissions

You can conveniently review your privacy settings as granted permissions are highlighted per website.

Set your preferred webpage color theme

Default to the dark side of the web! Vivaldi now lets you choose your preferred webpage color scheme - dark or light - independent of the Vivaldi Theme or the operating system theme (Dark Mode).

Some websites still do not support Dark Mode. Vivaldi can now automatically generate a dark color theme by adapting the color scheme of any website. You can enable Dark Mode from Settings > Website Appearance.

Faster translations with Vivaldi Translate

Together with our translation service partner, Lingvanex, we have greatly improved the performance of Vivaldi Translate.

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