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Indian Navy Safely Escorts Castle Ships' Vessel, M.T. Hari Prakash Through Red Sea

2024-05-24 02:42:39 Government


Mumbai, March 1, 2024: Vessel M.T. Hari Prakash, owned and operated by Castle Ships, was securely escorted by the Indian Navy from the Red Sea on February 24th - 25th, ensuring a safe transit through high-risk waters amid ongoing threats.

Throughout January and February, M.T. Hari Prakash was anchored in Red Sea, and the Indian Navy, along with the Directorate General of Shipping Communication Centre (DGS), maintained constant contact with the crew on-board, conducting multiple check-ins. This commitment to regular communication and safety checks highlighted the collaborative efforts between The Directorate General of Shipping, Castle Ships and the Indian Navy.

As one of India's prominent shipping companies, Castle Ships Pvt. Ltd. extends its deepest gratitude to the Indian Navy and DGS for their assistance. The company's vessel, M.T. Hari Prakash received unparalleled support and security measures amid the increasing incidents of merchant ship attacks and piracy attempts in the region.

In response to the rising security challenges, the Indian Navy has taken proactive measures since December 2023, to incidents in the northern and central Arabian Sea. The deployment of top-notch warships, drones, and aircraft has strengthened surveillance and patrols, showcasing the Navy's commitment to ensuring the safety of vessels operating in these troubled waters.

The protective escorts provided by the Indian Navy and DGS around the Red Sea, a region marked by escalating maritime attacks, have been instrumental in safeguarding Castle Ships' vessels. The company acknowledges the Navy's commitment to maritime security, evident in their aerial surveillance by long-range maritime patrol aircraft and Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAs) to enhance maritime domain awareness.

Mr. Rajiv Bhatia, Director, Castle Ships Pvt. Ltd., said, "The security provided by the Indian Navy and DGS and the tireless efforts of personnel both at sea and onshore were instrumental in the success of this passage. The presence and escort by the Naval vessel, along with the moment of handing over the large Indian Flag to be hoisted on the vessel, brought tears of happiness and resounding cries of 'Bharat Mata ki Jai' and 'Indian Navy Zindabad' from all our crew on board vessel Hari Prakash. The proactive measures taken by the Navy and DGS secured our transit and brought reassurance to our crew and their families."

Castle Ships Pvt. Ltd. looks forward to continued support from the Indian Navy and DGS in ensuring the security of maritime assets and routes.

About Castle Ships:

Established in 2006, Castle Ships Pvt. Ltd. is devoted to the efficient ownership, operation, and management of marine assets while adhering to the highest industry standards. The company's commitment extends to continuous improvement in management practices, ensuring the safe and environmentally responsible transportation of clean petroleum products. With a fleet comprising six product tankers, Castle Ships collaborates closely with India's Oil Marketing Companies for petroleum product distribution. The company's dedicated team, industry collaborations, and strict adherence to safety measures reflect its mission to provide a secure and efficient maritime experience for clients involved in the distribution of petroleum products.

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